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Finland : Bear Watching

Discover Finland’s national animal on an unforgettable adventure with the Mighty Fine Company. Explore the untamed nature of the Wild Taiga Forest and experience the thrill of spotting its iconic inhabitants on a Finland Bear Watching holiday. The majestic Brown Bear is one of the world’s most famous top-of-the-food-chain predators and with some creatures reaching growing as big as eight feet long and weighing up to 700lbs, it’s easy to see why! Venture to the wilds of Finland and search for these magnificent animals for yourself.

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Unforgettable Creatures

The highlight of any Finland Bear Watching holiday is, of course, a sighting of an incredible Brown Bear. However, during your time in the hide there will be ample opportunity to observe a sensational range of other wildlife. From the impressive reindeer, elk and moose to the wolverines, beavers and lynx; Finland offers unrivalled wildlife spotting chances. The lynx especially is a real treat on bear watching holidays; these creatures hunt at night and so are rarely seen by humans, however, thanks to the presence of the Midnight Sun in the summer you can still enjoy visibility and the chance of a sighting late into the night.

Scandinavia's Big Five

One of the dream tours for wildlife lovers is the chance to discover Africa's Big Five. However, an adventure with the Mighty Fine Company offers you the chance to step away from the standard expedition and search for the Big Five of Scandinavia: bears, whales, wolves, eagles and wolverines! Three out of these five can be witnessed on our tours to Finland; mighty Brown Bears, howling wolves and incredible wolverines. For a truly unique wildlife discovery, an exploration of Finland is the ideal choice!

Finnish Exploration

Our exceptional range of tours gives you the chance to explore the incredible terrains of Finland like never before with the option of a self drive adventure. Choose from the relaxing Tiilikkajärvi National Park, home to tranquil sandy beaches and comfortable walking routes, or the Hiidenportti National Park if you’re looking for more challenging hikes. While at either of these destinations you’ll be treated to uninterrupted views of the picturesque scenery surrounding you and the chance to indulge in some local activities, depending on which Park you visit. The range includes mountain biking, hiking, fishing and even canoeing. All of which offer something different during your adventure. Of course, all of our Finland Bear Watching tours give you ample opportunity to discover the beautiful Wild Taiga. One of the planet’s most iconic forests and home to a huge variety of wildlife and untamed nature, the Wild Taiga is an unforgettable location to explore for all visitors to Finland.

A Journey of Discovery

The rich culture and history of your destination are also waiting to be uncovered on your Finland Bear Watching holiday. A journey to Raate takes you to the site of many Second World War battles for a real taste of history, when followed up by a visit the Raate Frontier Guard Museum this excursion becomes a modern history lover’s dream. If you’d prefer to travel even further back then a journey to Värikalliot treats you to a sight of the 4,000 year old rock paintings to be found there. To keep the discoveries in-line with the wildlife theme then you can observe even more of the Arctic’s iconic creatures at the Ranua Zoo, home to a range of animals native to the north, including the mighty Polar Bear! Or, you can delve into the lives of the creatures you will see with a journey to the Petola Nature Centre. Here you will learn about how the predators of the forest survive as well as more about the natural features and history of the region.

A Breathtaking Adventure

The terrains of Finland are exquisite at any time of year, but a Finland Bear Watching adventure in the summer allows you to explore this unforgettable land under the light of the Midnight Sun. Not only can you enjoy longer hours of light, you can see the life after dark of the forest’s inhabitants in a way that’s impossible at any other time of year.

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