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Fishing: Holidays and Adventures

Savour beautiful scenery on our fabulous Fishing Trips

Fishing Trips transport you to locations of unrivalled tranquillity. They provide the perfect opportunity to unwind, whilst enjoying breathtaking nature.

Opt for a fishing holiday in Finland and savour a break that will leave you feeling truly refreshed. Alternatively, spend a day fishing in the midst of a busy week’s activities in Iceland or Sweden. Whatever your preference, we have the fishing experience that’s perfect for you.

A Day of Rest

Slow the pace of your activity holiday with a day’s fishing where you can relax and soak up the restful ambience of your location. Simply sit back and make the most of Sweden and Iceland's incredible angling opportunities and, if you’re lucky enough to return with a good catch, why not cook it over an open fire and lunch in style? If you are travelling with family, a day at sea on our Icelandic Viking Challenge holiday is a must. Fishing Trips are the ideal way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and spend a quiet day with the family in the breathtaking Faxaflói Bay.

Fishing Trips - the Full Experience

For the veteran anglers amongst you, our Fishing Trips offer a six day break to Finland, filled with opportunities to land the perfect catch! Your base for this expedition will be the remote and restful Hotel Kalevala. With easy access to some of Finland’s best fishing spots, it’s the ideal location for your holiday. Try your hand at different techniques in this secluded area. Maybe you'll learn the skills of fishing rapids and see what you can catch in the high speed waters or perhaps you'll head out with spinning rods or nets. Whatever style of fishing you try on this short break, you're sure to have a fabulous time enjoying the pastime you love and savouring the picturesque scenery that Finland is so famous for. Our Fishing Trips really are a fabulous treat!

Fishing Trips - Arctic Style!

King Crab Fishing Trips in Kirkenes

Fishing Trips in the far north are a whole new experience for most anglers and the unique challenge of ice fishing is an extremely popular optional activity on many of our winter getaways. 

After drilling through the surface of the frozen lake to get to your catch, you lower a hook and line into the hole. A hot drink and lunch by an open fire offer welcome warmth whilst you await that all important bite.

Discover Your Destination

There’s no better way to discover your chosen location than on one of our Fishing Trips. Our featured excursions take you to areas of unspoilt beauty where you can enjoy nature and savour the sense of relaxation that comes as standard with fishing breaks in these breathtaking settings.

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