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Geo-Tourism Holidays

Discover stunning views on our Geo-Tourism Holidays

Discover some of the world’s most intriguing natural attractions on one of our incredible Geo-Tourism Holidays and witness the planet’s most awe-inspiring formations and features.

Geo-Tourism Holidays focus on natural wonders, ranging from volcanic structures to cascading waterfalls. Indeed, these getaways are a dream come true for anyone looking to encounter the world’s most amazing features.

Icelandic Discovery

The other-worldly terrains of Iceland are one of the pinnacles of our Geo-Tourism Holidays. The entire island is volcanic in origin and the evidence of this fascinating creation can be found throughout the country. Visit the renowned Golden Circle and observe the rift between tectonic plates. This captivating phenomenon offers the incredible chance to experience the chasm between two of the planet's hidden foundations. The rift is found in the Þingvellir National Park and during your visit, you can explore the intriguing geological history of this magnificent location and discover how the iconic formations you witness today are the result of volcanic activity during the last ice-age! The Golden Circle is also home the Geysir Springs where geology enthusiasts can witness water spouting high into the air. Indeed, the highest jet recorded was an amazing 100m! And if you're looking for a water attraction of a different kind, don't miss the amazing Gullfoss Waterfall.

Our range of Geo-Tourism Holidays in Iceland also venture to the craterous landscapes of the Southern Peninsula. Many visitors have compared an invigorating hike across its surface to experieincing life on another planet, as the terrains are unlike any other place on earth. An exploration of Iceland and encounters with its myriad of geological features is both humbling and fascinating in equal measure as you delve into the history of the world’s activity, and discover its effects today. This experience is only enhanced by the chance of witnessing yet another iconic natural wonder; the Northern Lights. These mesmerising displays are often seen over Iceland and an Aurora sighting above these unforgettable landscapes must be the highlight of our Geo-Tourism Holidays.

Adventures in the Azores

Discover the Geo-Tourism magic of the Azores

The Azores are another of the world’s geo-tourism hotspots. Here, an entire archipelago has risen from volcanic activity and each island is home to its own unique and fascinating features. Visit São Miguel and explore the island’s selection of volcanic craters. Visit the crater at Lagoa do Fogo and find yourself inside a volcano. Peering at the towering crater walls as they rise up around you makes it easy to understand why geo-tourism is so popular. During your stay in the Azores, be sure to catch sight of the two lakes of Sete Cidades. In this crater, there are two lakes with distinctly different coloured water: one a glistening blue and the other a breathtaking green. Discover how this happened as you learn more about the intriguing formation of the islands and their attractions on Geo-Tourism Holidays to the Azores.

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