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Meet the Team

Meet the Team who can arrange your break to see the Northern Lights

Here, at the Mighty Fine Company, travel is our passion. What makes us happy is finding you a holiday to exceed your expectations, to make your dreams come true. We eat, sleep and breathe travel and we’re every bit as excited about your holiday as you are!

Dealing with experience holidays mean that we’ve always got a trick or two up our sleeve to bring something new to your getaway. You want to hunt for the Northern Lights? We’ll put you in a glass igloo so you can even search for them when it’s actually time for sleep. You want to go whale watching? We offer you the chance to swim with these fabulous creatures in their home waters off the Norwegian Coast. It’s these differences that make us Mighty Fine, make you happy and make us proud. Welcome to our world!


Meet the team: Linda

It’s not so much a case of where Senior Travel Adviser Linda has been – more a case of where she hasn’t!

Our resident travel queen, who has worked in the industry for longer than she cares to remember, spends all of her spare time visiting the most amazing locations. A three week trip to South Africa marked the start of Linda’s obsession and her memories of visiting Johannesburg and holding a lion cub which was about to be released into the wild, are still very much a travel highlight for her. Indeed, Linda’s passion for wildlife is a common feature of her trips overseas. Her visit to an Orangutan Foundation in Borneo, for example, resulted in her adopting one of the orphan creatures – her children, it seems, were non too pleased to hear about their new baby brother!

Away from the wildlife side of things, one of Linda’s most memorable experiences has been seeing the Northern Lights – something she has done not once, but twice, during her trips to Norway for the Mighty Fine Company. For Linda, such experiences are what travel is all about and she adores seeking out new and exciting experiences for our customers to enjoy.

An eye for the next big adventure – that’s what makes Linda Mighty Fine!


Meet the team: Julie (right)

To say that Senior Travel Adviser Julie has a wealth of travel industry experience would be something of an understatement. Her impressive career history has seen her sourcing, selling and guiding holidays and, when she’s not doing that, she’s travelling!

With travels too extensive to detail here, suffice it to say that, as well as touring the Caribbean and exploring Florida, if it’s in Europe, Julie has probably been there! She’s currently planning a trip to New Zealand and, in typical Julie style, will be getting out and about, travelling off the beaten track and seeing a different side to this fabulous destination. She will, of course, be taking her own personal chauffeur along, ensuring that she gets to see the sights and visit the local watering holes!

As anyone who meets Julie will tell you, it’s her attention to detail that makes her stand out from the crowd. Her passion is ‘once-in-a-lifetime holidays’ and she thrives on making sure that every last detail is planned meticulously to exceed customer expectations.

Amazing attention to detail – that’s what makes Julie Mighty Fine!


Meet the team: Adam

When a five year old Adam let go of his mum’s hand after a successful take-off on his first ever flight to Zakynthos, he was hooked! Aviation has been his passion ever since.

Whether it’s planning flights for customers or setting off on his own travels to Canada, Norway, Finland or the Azores, this is one flight enthusiast who is proud to be known as an aviation geek! A lover of all things Canadian, thanks to the sunny local outlook on life, the stunning scenery and amazing wildlife, Adam also has a passion for Scandinavia. Travel highlights to date include kissing a wolf in Norway, having to stop the car to avoid battling coyotes on a Canadian highway and seeing an albino Brown Bear in Finland. We won’t mention the time that he was called to airport security having packed his case so tightly they couldn’t scan it.

A passion for the mechanics of travel – that’s what makes Adam Mighty Fine!


Meet the team: Emma

When she’s not bottle feeding tigers, sky diving from 15,000 feet or washing elephants in Thailand, Emma is busy planning great holidays for our customers.

Bitten by the travel bug when she began work as a travel rep at the age of 17, this globe-trotting, snowboard enthusiast admits that travel is her life. A recent round-the-world trip saw her enjoying extraordinary adventures in Thailand, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the USA. The highlights of her journey included living with a local family in Thailand and meeting the tremendously friendly residents of Fiji. The most hairy experience, on the other hand,  was having her camper van hoisted into the air – in the middle of the night - by a market trader keen to set up stall where she had parked up!

A spirit of Adventure – that’s what makes Emma Mighty Fine!


Meet the team: Patrick

Born in Australia, travel has been a part of Patrick’s life since he was just 18 months old. His somewhat nomadic early life saw him living in four different countries by the age of 16 and, a gap year at university, allowed him to stretch his wings even further, visiting South America, the Caribbean, the USA, Canada and numerous European destinations.

It’s hard to press Patrick on his favourite travel anecdotes as he has so many but, certainly, surfing off the south coast of France and racing snowmobiles across Scandinavia, are amongst his most memorable.

The magic of travel - for Patrick - is all about the people: those he works with and those he meets overseas. Indeed, whether it’s listening to marine biologists explain whale migrations, being taught to herd reindeer by the Sami people or entertaining husky mushers with his poor dog sledding skills (don’t ask!), he’ll always be the one getting to know the locals, picking up tips on the best sights and experiences and making the most of every last minute.

Being a people person – that’s what makes Patrick Mighty Fine!


Meet the team: Graham

As much at home in the theme parks of Florida as taking gentle walks in the Swiss Alps in summer, Graham is a lover of travel extremes.

This is a man who has photographed the Taj Mahal by moonlight, captured dreamy time-delay shots of Hong Kong harbour and negotiated his way up Wat Arun Temple in Thailand to experience the beautiful sunrise. A self-confessed Disney addict who likes nothing more than sipping a good Californian red from a Mickey Mouse wine glass, Graham is brimming with reasons to love each and every destination he has visited. Great theme parks and first class customer service make the USA a winner, amazing cuisine tops the list for Hong Kong, stunning temples and a really warm welcome see Thailand scoring highly and the spring awakening in Switzerland adds a European flavour to his eclectic tastes. But surely it hasn’t always been plain sailing for Graham? Well it did take three stiff whiskies to overcome his sea-sickness on a junk ride in Hong Kong harbour!

A love of diverse experiences – that’s what makes Graham Mighty Fine!

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