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Top 10 Places to Travel

Cast your eyes over this veritable feast of enthralling holiday destinations and let us tempt you with our choice of top 10 places to travel. If you want to discover somewhere exciting, beautiful or totally unique, broaden your horizons and let The Mighty Fine Company whisk you off on an incredible journey. Whatever your tastes, these distinctive places are guaranteed to get your feet itching, so without further ado, read on to discover some of the world’s greatest treasures on our list of top 10 places to travel.

1. Treehotel (Sweden)

Treehotel (Sweden)

Set amid striking scenery that would melt the heart of any traveller, Harads Treehotel lets you escape to another dimension. The eco-friendly rooms are lodged between strapping pine trees and make a delightful alternative to the usual types of holiday accommodation. The Mirrorcube, Bird’s Nest and UFO are just some of the creations that will capture your youthful memories and for its sheer individuality, we have placed it first in our top 10 places to travel.

2. Igloo Village (Finland)

Lapland Igloo Village in Finland is the quintessential winter holiday destination. Layers of fluffy snow drape across the Arctic scenery like a thick, white blanket, disguising even the tallest of trees. There is nothing more magical than gazing up through the panoramic windows of a glass igloo to witness the majesty of the Northern Lights. A trendy ice bar, romantic snow chapel and inspired ice gallery can all be found in this Finnish resort.

3. Norwegian Fjords (Norway)

Norway has innumerable sights, cities and landscapes that are beyond compare and the best way to experience all of this is by boat. A Norwegian fjords cruise takes you on a magnificent tour of cultural ports that huddle between grandiose mountains and tumbling fjords which wrap themselves around the ship. Simply because of their dramatic beauty, the Norwegian fjords have reached number three in our top 10 places to travel.

4. The Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

This diverse country is crammed with never-ending sights but the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavík, which can be found among desolate lunar landscapes, should definitely be one of the top 10 places to travel to this year. Visitors that bathe in the Blue Lagoon during winter can relax and watch the eddying clouds of steam as they evaporate into the night sky, making way for the other-worldly Aurora Borealis.

5. Spitsbergen (Norway)

We think that the remote Arctic realm of Spitsbergen is a must in any traveller’s top 10 places to travel. Besides the vast icy seascape, the awesome polar bear lives among the immense glaciers. This endangered species is absolutely mesmerising to watch as it exists in its extreme natural habitat along with other incredible wildlife such as walruses, reindeer and whales.

6. The Nile (Egypt)

This Middle Eastern country is full of intrigue and a cruise along the world-famous Nile River is the best way to travel between sites such as the Pyramids, ancient monuments and lavish temples that dominate the landscape. Around every twist of this epic river emerges an archaeological wonder that defines the true beauty of Egypt.

7. Icehotel (Sweden)

Icehotel (Sweden)

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to sleep between the frozen walls of an Icehotel, but this incredible construction offers you a once in a lifetime experience. The exterior is almost camouflaged in the midst of the wonderland setting of Jukkasjärvi, as the rugged wilderness is coated in a sheet of pure white snow. Sweden’s Icehotel was the very first of its type to be created and its magnificent artwork and sculptures make it completely unique. We are so passionate about the Icehotel, we couldn’t possibly omit it from our list of top 10 places to travel.

8. Prague (Czech Republic)

The city of Prague has been dubbed one of the most picturesque in the world owing to its fairytale backdrop of sculpted palaces, castles, and museums, which is enhanced by snow and twinkling lights at Christmas time. Prague is a stylish and cultural destination that appeals to all kinds of travellers.

9. Iso Syöte (Finland)

Iso Syöte (Finland)

We absolutely adore Finland for its breathtaking countryside, clean air and mind-stirring culture that roll into one to make an enchanting holiday destination. because Iso Syöte is a dreamy fell region that possesses an indescribable charm, we simply couldn't leave it out of our top 10 places to travel. Miles of picture-perfect scenery is ideal for outdoor activities in any season, but we recommend snowmobiling and husky sledding during the winter months for a real exciting adventure.

10. The Greek Islands

The mysteries of the Greek Islands are a delight to uncover on a cruise that takes you between fascinating ancient sites. Historical artwork and architecture recount the history of a Mycenaean and Minoan culture. As the last of our top 10 places to travel, the Greek Islands present a wealth of well-preserved ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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