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What to Wear in the Arctic

If you are travelling to the extreme northern hemisphere for a holiday of any kind, our guide to What to Wear in the Arctic will help you decide what to pack. There are many exciting adventures to be had in this area of the world, from Northern Lights cruises to romantic city breaks.

Lying within the Arctic Circle are parts of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Greenland, Finland, Russia and Alaska. As one would expect, the climate is cold in these areas, even during the summer months it can still be quite cool in places so it is important to know What to Wear in the Arctic. If you are embarking on a voyage to see the beauty of the Northern Lights, you will be travelling between September and March, when the Aurora is most visible in the Arctic. It is essential that you take items that will keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements so that nothing hinders your enjoyment of the holiday.

What to Pack and What to Wear in the Arctic

Comfort is of course a priority when embarking on a holiday to the Arctic and keeping warm when the temperatures outside are below freezing can easily be accomplished when you are prepared.

Thermal underwear is a must, as are waterproof trousers and shoes, and warm fleeces or jumpers. The best option is to dress in layers, so that when you are indoors, visiting museums or sampling the local cuisine in restaurants and cafés, you can easily remove any excess layers when required. Layers are also important to retain heat and deflect perspiration from the body, as damp clothes would ultimately cause you to lose body heat. Base, mid-insulation and outer layers are essential when keeping warm in Arctic temperatures and they each serve a purpose. A base layer should be comfortable and made of a soft breathable material, designed to take away moisture. A mid layer, such as a fleece, will trap further warm air and the outer layer will protect you from the elements. Ensure the final layer is both wind and rain proof, and that it has a hood.

During the various tours and excursions that take place during your holiday in the Arctic, it is important that you wear flat, comfortable shoes. For any outdoor activities, sturdy waterproof boots are necessary to ensure your safety amongst any icy and rocky terrains. Additional accessories should include, hats, gloves and scarves. It is important to bear in mind that items such as skis and snowshoes will most probably be provided by the tour organisers, but do check before departing for your chosen break.

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