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Winter Honeymoon Ideas

Discover perfection on our Winter Honeymoon Ideas

Congratulations! Whether you are newly engaged or just married and looking for Winter Honeymoon Ideas, you will find a variety of spectacular options on our website. Explore the picturesque regions of Lapland and relax in cosy accommodation boasting stunning views. One of the highlights of a Lapland honeymoon would undoubtedly be the appearance of the Northern Lights. The Aurora, as the lights are otherwise known, is most visible during the long winter nights in the Arctic. Our Winter Honeymoon Ideas include trips to locations where the Northern Lights often appear. Discover the romantic myths and legends of slain heroes and dancing maidens that accompany the lights and learn how each generation created a different reason for the appearance of the swirling colours of the Aurora Borealis. What could be better than watching the greatest light show on earth with your loved one by your side?

Two Hearts, One Spectacular Honeymoon

Escape to a snow-covered wilderness and enjoy the thrills of Arctic activities. Our Winter Honeymoon Ideas offer more than typical romance: we provide a whole host of excursions that you can enjoy together on your first holiday as a married couple. Step into a reindeer sleigh for a ride across frosted terrains and through glistening forests or embark on a husky dog safari for the adventure of a lifetime.

Where Eagles Fly

One of our most popular Winter Honeymoon Ideas includes a stay at the Eagle’s View Suite. Reside in luxury and wake to spectacular panoramic views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Complete with a private Jacuzzi, sauna, lounge, kitchen and bathroom, it will be difficult to leave this stunning accommodation to enjoy the array of activities available nearby!

Action-Packed Honeymoons

Our Winter Honeymoon Ideas featuring holidays with snowmobiling trips

One of the highlights of a winter holiday in Lapland is the abundance of activities readily available. The terrains are perfect for snowmobile safaris and there are lots of local sights to discover, including reindeer and husky farms. When visiting a reindeer or husky farm you will have the opportunity to learn how the animals are vital for the day-to-day lives of the Finnish people. Reindeer and husky safaris are the ideal way to look for the Northern Lights and, even if the elusive lights fail to appear, a journey through the wilderness on a sled is an experience you will never forget.

Finishing Touches

Should you wish to plan any little surprises for your loved one, contact a member of our team who can arrange for chocolates, champagne or a small gift to be placed in your suite before your arrive. We work with you to create your perfect winter honeymoon and ensure your break is like no other.

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