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Horse Riding

Enjoy the freedom of our Horse Riding breaks

There’s a great deal to be said for exploring a location at your own pace, having the freedom of the open road, seeing the sights at your leisure and stopping off along the way as you choose.

So, imagine even more freedom. Freedom to leave behind your vehicle, to travel cross country, setting off along paths and tracks which wind their way through spectacular countryside. Imagine the freedom to take in stunning views, amazing sights and fabulous experiences. Then stop imagining and take a look at our incredible Horse Riding holidays.

The Ultimate Freedom

Explore the countryside on our Hose Riding holidays

Set in some of the world’s most picturesque locations and offering a range of itineraries designed to show off the most amazing aspects of each landscape, our Horse Riding holidays are ideal for singles, couples, families and groups of friends.

Savour each moment of your break as you ride through stunning vistas, breathing in the pure, clean air, taking your time to get to know your trusty steed and then upping the pace to feel the wind on your face. The terrains on these holidays are ever-changing, ranging from rough mountain pathways to soft sandy beaches and lush green countryside. By travelling on horseback you get up close and personal to each and every element, coming to a real understanding of the natural world and appreciating its magnificence and majesty. Horse Riding holidays are simply amazing and, once you have experienced one, you are sure to be back for more.

Suitable for both riders with basic skills and seasoned experts, Mighty Fine Company Horse Riding breaks focus on the safety of riders and the well-being of the horses. Horses are changed once or twice a day and the spare horses often travel in a free running herd – a traditional way of riding in our featured locations and a sight to behold in itself.

Great Places to Stay

Accommodation on your Horse Riding holiday is pre-booked and luggage is transported from base to base so that everything you need will be ready and waiting for you on arrival at your accommodation. Long days in the open air mean that riders really appreciate a comfortable bed at the end of each exhilarating day and sleep soundly each night!

Meet an Icelandic Icon

Our Horse Riding breaks in Iceland use the traditional Icelandic horses which date back to the 9th century. These small, long lived, hardy horses are known for their spirited nature and the respect they show for riders. An ideal choice for such holidays, the Icelandic horses are also known for their sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain – a major benefit in this amazing destination.

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For more information on our fabulous Horse Riding breaks, take a look at the great range of itineraries on offer with The Mighty Fine Company.

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