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Hurtigruten Cruises

For those of you looking for a unique holiday or short break to open your mind to new experiences and landscapes, Hurtigruten Cruises may be the perfect option. Hurtigruten literally translates as 'fast route' and was originally used as a means of communication between the north and south of Norway. In the present day Hurtigruten cruises are used for both tourists in search for the Northern Lights and to explore the coasts of Norway, Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica and by Norwegian passengers travelling to remote areas. The cruises give travellers the chance to stop off at some of the most captivating cities, towns and villages inside the Arctic Circle.

Take a look at our full range of Hurtigruten cruises to find your tour, or check out our Hurtigruten holiday ideas for a little guidance on what there is to choose from!

Where do Hurtigruten travel to?

Although Hurtigruten originally began running ships along the coast of Norway, they now take travellers through Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica. We have many Hurtigruten Cruises available that travel to some of the most remote, untouched and beautiful communities where the landscape is unblemished and the people traditional. These tours of Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen take passengers far into the Arctic Circle where there is the Midnight Sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter. We have Hurtigruten Cruises available that last from 6 days in Spitsbergen, up to 21 days in Antarctica and plenty of tours in Norway and Greenland from seven to 13 days.

What are the ships like?

All of the ships used on Hurtigruten cruises are comfortable and were built towards the latter half of the 20th century with some being built at the beginning of the 21st century. All the ships were created with passenger comfort in mind and they boast exceptional seasonal cuisine, bars, cafés and lounges. Some of the most recent ships also have panoramic lounges, libraries for a quiet escape, fitness rooms, Jacuzzis and one ship also has an outdoor swimming pool. The atmosphere is informal and casual so that guests feel relaxed for the duration of their time onboard. The cabins are made to be comfortable for guests no matter if you stay in a luxury or a more basic cabin. Take a trip to some fascinating countries to see stunning landscapes, varied wildlife and natural phenomenons with our Hurtigruten cruises.

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