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Hurtigruten Cruise

A Hurtigruten Cruise around the Norwegian coast

Opt for a voyage around the stunning coasts of Norway, Greenland and Antarctica on a Hurtigruten Cruise and set sail for spectacular destinations. Enjoy city tours, excursions into the wilderness, eye-opening nature safaris and so much more. Keep an eye on the skies over Norway for the whirling hues of the Northern Lights on an astronomy cruise or capture the ultimate images of towering glaciers and gaping fjords under the Midnight Sun.

Our voyages range from five day action-packed breaks, to 21 day adventures, with a range of options in between. So whether you have only a week to spare or are ready for a lengthy expedition, we have the Hurtigruten Cruise for you.

Take a look at our full range of Hurtigruten cruises to find your tour, or check out our Hurtigruten holiday ideas for a little guidance on what there is to choose from!

Wildlife Wonders

Take this chance to discover the rarely seen wildlife of the South Pole first hand with a Hurtigruten Cruise in Antarctica. These unforgettable voyages allow you to observe penguins and whales in their natural habitat, an experience few people ever get to enjoy. During the cruise, take advantage of the crew’s extensive knowledge of the regions you will visit and discover the fascinating history of the Antarctic. Embark on a journey from Argentina on a Hurtigruten Cruise that takes you to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands as you follow in the footsteps of the iconic explorers that first discovered this remote region.

From Antarctica to the Arctic, a Hurtigruten Cruise in Norway has its own selection of natural highlights with an assortment of marine life roaming the shores for food and cliffs teeming with coastal birdlife. Keep your camera ready on a whale watching excursion in Tromsø and capture incredible images of a spectacular range of cetacean species; from Orca to Humpback and beyond!

A Fantastic Choice of Tours

Soak up the sights and sensations of Tromsø in Norway, and discover why this city is regarded as the capital of the Arctic. There are plenty of opportunities to extend your stay in Tromsø on a Huritgruten Cruise and it proves to be the perfect winter base for a range of activities surrounding countryside. From the modern restaurants, shopping centres and bars to the pristine outdoors, to the wildlife wonders on whale watching safaris, this city has something for everyone. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a five-day Northern Lights Hurtigruten Cruise with a Tromsø extension and experience the buzzing nightlife of the metropolis alongside expeditions to the Lofoten Islands and journeys across the Arctic Circle.

Norway's Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights in Tromso on a Hurtigruten Cruise

Discover the myths and legends surrounding the Aurora and learn all about the science behind the appearance of the Northern Lights when you book the Astronomy Hurtigruten Cruise. Packed with informative lectures given by experienced astronomers and teeming with opportunities to witness the glorious colours of the Aurora against beautiful backdrops; an astronomy-focused Hurtigruten Cruise is not to be missed. There are many ways to enjoy the search for the Northern Lights and we offer a variety of options including snowmobiling Aurora safaris, husky sledding expeditions and astronomer–led talks on deck.

Cruising Comfort

Our Hurtigruten Cruise itineraries are extremely popular with adventurous travellers who are looking for a very different kind of cruise. A Hurtigruten Cruise offers comfortable accommodation and on board facilities providing plenty of things to do while at sea. Relax in the bar, enjoy a spa treatment or stand on deck for a spot of stargazing as your Hurtigruten Cruise sails towards the next incredible destination.

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