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Hurtigruten Summer Cruise

An incredible vessel in Norway's fjords on a Hurtigruten Summer Cruise

Set sail on a voyage of discovery with Hurtigruten this summer. Featuring Norwegian Coastal itineraries as well as voyages in Spitsbergen and Greenland, our Hurtigruten Summer Cruise portfolio is sure to have something to suit you.

This is a fabulous time of year to visit the far north and take in its stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife. You’ll see each port of call in a completely different light on our Hurtigruten Summer Cruise itineraries and, with the lovely long days of the Midnight Sun adding extra time for exploration, a host of different excursions to enjoy en route. You really couldn’t ask for more!

Classic Voyages

The classic Norwegian coastal voyages offer three distinct options. Running from April to October, these customer favourites enable you to travel north from Bergen to Kirkenes, south from Kirkenes to Bergen or experience both voyages in one on the 12 day classic round voyage. One of the advantages of the full round trip is the fact that the ports of call you see in the evenings as you travel north, you can see in the day as you return south, showing a whole new side to each destination on the same voyage!

All three of these Hurtigruten Summer Cruise options are extremely popular and, having tried one, you may well want to return the following year to sample the alternative leg or even experience the full round voyage. With 34 ports of call on the entire journey and a host of fabulous excursions on offer at each one, there’s a world of choice on our Hurtigruten Summer Cruise itineraries. Indeed, you could take the full round cruise several times over and still make each one a completely different experience from the last!

Norwegian Exploration

Discover Norway's coast like never before on a Hurtigruten Summer Cruise

As well as the classic voyages, we feature two other Norwegian itineraries in our Hurtigruten Summer Cruise portfolio: the Discovery, available from April to October, is slightly shorter than the full round itinerary and ends in Trondheim – the country’s former capital. This fabulous voyage gives you the option to extend your time in Norway and take a stunning train journey from Trondheim to the capital Oslo from where you can fly home or spend some time exploring this cosmopolitan city. The Fjords Cruise, on the other hand, runs all year round and yet it is in the summer months that you can be sure to enjoy a trip down the stunning Trollfjord. With a mouth just 100 metres wide, opening up to a maximum width of 800metres, this fjord is well worth a visit. Its surrounding mountains reach a height of 1100 metres and it’s impossible not to appreciate the power and majesty of nature on your visit here.

Greenland and Spitsbergen

For a totally different Hurtigruten Summer Cruise experience, why not take a look at our Spitsbergen and Greenland itineraries? Both voyages are available in July and August, with the Greenland itinerary also available in June. These amazing voyages of discovery offer a fabulous insight into life in the Arctic and are a great choice for keen photographers.

Our Greenland itinerary weaves between the islands situated off its amazing coastline. You’ll see gaping fjords, amazing glaciers and stunning icebergs as well as charming coastal towns and villages and simply fabulous wildlife. You’ll also enjoy the magic of the Midnight Sun during your voyage, giving you extended daylight hours to make the most of each and every experience on this stunning Hurtigruten Summer Cruise.

Travel to Spitsbergen with us and you’ll spend the first three days of your Hurtigruten Summer Cruise in the town of Longyearbyen, the world's nothernmost, permanently inhabited community. Here you’ll see magnificent glaciers, fabulous mountainscapes and, perhaps, the odd Polar Bear – after all, these creatures do significantly outnumber human inhabitants here! From Spitsbergen you pick up the voyage south in Tromso taking in magnificent ports of call en route as you wind your way down to Bergen.

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