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Hurtigruten Excursions

Alesund as featured on Hurtigruten Excursions

When it comes to exploring the beauty of the Norwegian Coast and beyond, there's little doubt that a Hurtigruten voyage is second to none. And, no matter what time of year you travel with Hurtigruten, Excursions are available to add extra magic to the numerous ports of call on offer.

The Norwegian coastal voyages, for example, boast a wide range of year round trips such as town and city tours, as well as seasonal specials including winter excursions to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

Indeed, no matter what you want from your holiday, you're sure to find something to suit!

Take a look at our full range of Hurtigruten cruises to find your tour, or check out our Hurtigruten holiday ideas for a little guidance on what there is to choose from!

Hurtigruten Excursions for All

Husky Sledding Hurtigruten Excursions

The Hurtigruten line was founded many years ago to link the isolated coastal towns along the Norwegian coast and is still, today, used as a means of transport by the local people as well as those choosing to holiday here. Due to this, each itinerary features many ports of call – an amazing 34 in total on the Full Round Voyage. And whilst some of these stop-offs are brief, merely giving you time for a quick tour of the town or village visited, others offer much more time to enable you to explore further afield.

With prices starting at less than £30, Hurtigruten Excursions offer fabulous experiences and great value for money. There’s something for everyone here so, whether you long for adventure or prefer to take life at a slower pace, you’re sure to find the perfect Hurtigruten Excursions for you.

Architecture and Culture

From the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund to beautiful Hammerfest, if you’re in the mood for a spot of exploration, our featured Hurtigruten Excursions are sure to hit the spot. Discover the amazing medieval Nidaros Cathedral when you arrive in Trondheim, see buildings dating back a thousand years on the islet of Munkholmen and take the Polar History Walk in Tromso. Indeed, if you fancy a spot of Whale Watching whilst you are in Tromso, speak to our friendly travel advisers as we can even arrange this for you too!

Adventure Awaits

If you prefer your Hurtigruten Excursions to be a little more on the adventurous side, how about a spot of husky sledding or snowmobiling? These fabulous activities come complete with full instructions, safety gear and equipment and offer a real taste of life in the far north for those with a need for speed.

Savour the Beauty

Norway is a beautiful country with an incredible landscape of stunning fjords, glorious mountains and native wildlife. Hurtigruten Excursions take you to some of the most untouched, remote areas to discover these natural wonders and savour highlights such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Indeed, if scenic beauty is your thing, it’s hard to imagine a more suitable location for your getaway.


Norway is also rich in culture and there are Hurtigruten Excursions that explore the local Sami Culture and discover the history of these amazing people. Speak to our travel team for details of the experiences on offer.

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