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Husky Safaris

Enjoy our fabulous Husky Safaris

Picture yourself gliding over the snow, zooming through unforgettable landscapes, fully reliant on the sheer, unadulterated power of your own team of huskies.

Dog sledding is a unique and unforgettable way to take in the picturesque landscapes of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Canada. Our Husky Safaris let you immerse yourself in traditional cultures as you learn and develop the skills of a husky musher and discover an entirely different way of life. What’s more, the interaction with these eternally enthusiastic and thrillingly playful animals makes caring for them a sheer joy.

If our husky sledding holidays sound like just your thing, take a look at our full range of husky safaris or, for a little more guidance, check out our husky safari holiday ideas!

Safari Types

From single day adventures, to overnight or even multiple day expeditions, our range of Husky Safaris offer you the chance to learn the basic driving techniques and then explore the breathtaking wilderness around you. On these tours you will often have the opportunity to try your hand at a range of other activities ranging from snowshoe hiking, to cross country skiing and even snowmobile adventures. Activity holidays featuring Husky Safaris are a fantastic way to discover the vast array of Arctic pursuits available and enjoy some quality time with these magnificent creatures, whilst exploring the culture and countryside of your destination.

Our Husky Safaris, however, also come in more adventurous forms. For those wanting a dog sledding focused holiday, there’s a variety of expeditions on offer to give you a true experience of the life of a husky musher. A wilderness exploration in Finland, for example, gives you control of your own sled for a week as you spend each and every day of your holiday driving and caring for these loveable creatures before unwinding each evening and learning more about the fascinating culture you’ve chosen to sample.

Getting to Know Your Destination

While Husky Safaris make for incredible holiday experiences, it’s important to remember that dog sledding is still an essential mode of transport in the far north and, as such, will offer you a keen insight into the intriguing lifestyle of the people who live in these regions. Indeed, these iconic tours not only explore the wilderness areas of these astonishing locations, they also often visit the cultural and historical highlights to give you a fully-rounded view of local life.

The joy of Husky Safaris lies in mastering the skills required to drive a team of dogs. These skills will enable you to discover the best of your chosen destination, revelling in the pleasure of your fabulous furry companions and, of course, savouring the sheer exhilaration of the ride.

Huskies and the Northern Lights

Harness the power of the paw

Many of the countries featuring our Husky Safaris are also prime locations for sightings of the elusive Aurora Borealis. These breathtaking lights are often seen dancing above pristine wilderness vistas and offer an unforgettable and humbling sight - a sight that’s a pleasure to share with your boundlessly playful, tirelessly enthusiastic, simply stunning transport team!

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