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About Our Husky Sledding Holidays

There is nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling you get when you are racing across snowy plains, being pulled along by a pack of excited and lovable huskies. Our husky sledding holidays give you the full experience, educating you about how the dogs are trained and cared for and then teaching you how to assemble and ‘mush’ your own pack of dogs. At the start of every holiday, an expert guide provides the necessary equipment and instructions, focusing especially on beginners, so that they can get the most out of the experience.

If our husky sledding holidays sound like just your thing, take a look at our full range of husky safaris or, for a little more guidance, check out our husky safari holiday ideas!


We offer dog sledding adventures across Scandinavia, but more so in the northern regions of Finland, especially Lapland. We also have our Husky Safari along the Russian Border, which is a popular tour.

When To Travel

In northern parts of Scandinavia, high above the Arctic Circle, the winter season can last for 200 days of the year. Snow generally begins to fall in October, blanketing the landscapes until the first melt in spring. March and April are seen as good months for dog sledding holidays as the temperatures are warmer and the hours of daylight lengthier. If you also want to see the Northern Lights during husky sledding holidays, October and March often provide the most advantageous conditions.

The Need to Know Bits

Before you travel, your advisor will ensure that you have all the information you need to make sure that you get the most amount of enjoyment out of your husky sledding holidays. Here are just a couple of questions that are frequently asked by our customers:

What Distances Are Covered?

You must be fit and able to enjoy our husky sledding holidays, but there are several to choose from, each covering different distances. On our Adventure Week in the Snow tour, the dog sledding is a one-day excursion, covering a distance of 25 kilometres. This tour just gives you a taster of how much fun it is, although if you prefer real adventure, our Five Day Husky Safari to the Wilderness takes you on an incredible journey across Lapland. Covering up to 40 kilometres each day, you will stay in a different wilderness cabin every night and experience the life of a husky musher.

What to Pack

  • You are supplied with suitable outerwear by your guide. This includes footwear, a thermal jacket and adequate gloves so that you keep warm throughout husky sledding holidays. But you must also bring plenty of layers with you – the more the better. Having multiple layers helps to trap your body heat around you and by wearing thick socks, gloves and a hat, you can keep your extremities warm.
  • As an additional measure, you could bring a pair of hand warmers with you, which you can activate if you start to feel the cold. Hand warmers are available to buy inexpensively at most outdoor stores and can be reused time and time again.
  • If you plan on taking lots of photographs during husky sledding holidays, make sure that you have a durable camera that is suitable for outdoor use and remember to pack lots of spare batteries, since the cold temperatures can drain the battery life rapidly.

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