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Ice and Snow Hotels

Ice Hotel

Incredible innovations in architecture and design – Scandinavia’s Ice and Snow Hotels are simply out of this world and a night in one of these fabulous venues is definitely one for the bucket list! These astonishing constructions are re-built year after year meaning that no two are ever the same, so your night here really is a once in a lifetime experience. Snow Hotels may sound like a cold night’s sleep but thermal sleeping bags are provided, so you can rest on a unique bed made entirely of ice and still remain warm and cosy. And, thanks to the sound absorption of ice and snow, the peace and quiet in these amazing locations results in an unparalleled aura of tranquillity for an unforgettable and restful night’s sleep.

Find your own unique break with our range of holidays to ice and snow hotels, or check out our ice and snow hotels holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what we have to offer!

A Stunning Place to Stay

The buildings themselves are works of art, with carefully crafted sculptures made by expert ice-sculptors, decorating the walls and hallways and LED lighting giving an almost otherworldly feel as the frozen walls glow with different coloured lights. Many Ice and Snow Hotels also have their own restaurants and bars so that you can enjoy a meal of locally sourced ingredients, prepared by a master chef in an entirely unique location. You can also sample your favourite drink served at a bar made entirely from ice, whilst sitting on chairs made from ice and drinking out of glasses made from ice! It’s the perfect place to get a cold drink after a fun-filled day of activities.

Something for Everyone

And the activities available at Ice and Snow Hotels ensure there’s never a dull moment on your holiday. The choices range from relaxing breaks with reindeer sleigh rides and Northern Lights searches in pristine landscapes to thrilling snowmobile excursions and husky safaris discovering the unspoilt nature of your destination. Some snow hotels also offer the chance to try your hand at ice-driving if you’re feeling really adventurous. Head out onto the ice, behind the wheel and, after a little specialist instruction, put your foot down and have some fun!

Make Your Own Masterpiece

Discover the magic of our Ice and Snow Hotels

The construction of the snow hotels is an undertaking that many of us couldn’t begin to imagine. On many of these breaks, however, you can get an insight into the process. Take part in an ice-sculpting workshop led by the very people that craft these magnificent structures and make the most of this unforgettable opportunity to create your own masterpiece of ice!

Snow, Ice and the Northern Lights

After action packed days in the snow during your break at our Ice and Snow Hotels, you can look forward to awe-inspiring evenings. Many of these magnificent hotels are based in regions with exceptional Northern Lights spotting opportunities. The Aurora are quite often sighted in the skies above Scandinavia and many tours to these areas include the option to book Northern Lights safaris where you will journey out with an experienced guide in search of this natural wonder. A display from this captivating phenomenon would provide a breathtaking finale to a unique holiday you’ll never forget.

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