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Escorted Tours to the Icehotel

It's surprising that anyone manages to get any sleep with Escorted Tours to the Icehotel increasing in popularity. At the Icehotel, guests staying for the evening have the resort entirely to themselves when they check into their individually sculpted suites.

A team of artists descends on the tiny village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland to start the process of building this unique structure every winter. Great tunnels of snow are made and allowed to harden in arches before blocks of ice harvested from the nearby Torne River are brought in to be the basis of the sculptures. From early December to mid January the Icehotel accepts guests while it is in the process of being built. The hotel opens one section at a time with the highlight being the opening of the ice church and main hall on December 23rd.

After a night spent in an art suite during Escorted Tours to the Icehotel, we recommend continuing your stay in a Northern Lights chalet with a specially converted roof giving you a clear view of the sky all the way through the long Arctic night.

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Escorted Tours to the Icehotel and Other Activities

The Icehotel's restaurant isn’t made of ice, however in keeping with the rest of the theme the award winning food is served on plates of ice. After an arctic meal in the restaurant or a buffet by the roaring fire why not retire to the ice bar for cocktails or maybe relax in a sauna.

There is a wide choice of activities on Escorted Tours to the Icehotel. Our holiday packages give you the chance to experience a range of outdoor pursuits from snowmobiling and ptarmigan hunting to ice sculpting and husky safaris.

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