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Ice and Snow Hotels : Finland

For a taste of life in the far north, there’s no better holiday base than one of our Ice and Snow Hotels in Finland. These amazing constructions give you the opportunity to spend a night in a room made entirely from ice, sleeping on ice beds, drinking from ice glasses and ordering your drinks from a stunning ice bar. Life here is very different, the intricately carved rooms are enhanced with stunning mood lighting and the bedrooms are stocked with reindeer hides and thermal sleeping bags for extra comfort.

Find your own unique break with our range of holidays to ice and snow hotels, or check out our ice and snow hotels holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what we have to offer!

A World of Choice

A night at one of our Ice and Snow Hotels in Finland is just one of the many attractions on offer as part of our winter activity holidays. You’ll spend your days trying out a wealth of different snowy attractions. You’ll learn to drive a snowmobile and a husky sled as well as picking up new techniques such as ice fishing and ice sculpting. Most of our holidays also include some free time where you can kick back and relax or book yourself some additional activities.

Great for Families

Our holidays to Ice and Snow Hotels in Finland are ideal for families who want some real winter fun. Although not all activities are suitable for all ages, we can adapt any one of our itineraries to suit your requirements. Many snowmobile tours, for example, offer parents the chance to travel with their children in snowmobile-pulled trailers, thus giving you an authentic taste of the activity whilst ensuring that everyone is safe and happy.

Lapland Igloo Village

The amazing Lapland Igloo Village features snow igloos, glass igloos (ideal for Northern Lights viewing), an ice bar, ice gallery and the world’s largest snow restaurant. Situated above the Arctic Circle and featuring its own Santa Village (just 15 minutes away), the Igloo Village boasts cross country skiing and Northern Lights hunts as well as the chance to go snowmobiling, dog sledding and ride a reindeer sleigh.

Overnight stays in snow igloos are available in other locations. Please contact us for further details.

Snow Village Finland

Situated some 200km above the Arctic Circle and covering an area of around 20,000 square metres, the Snow Village Finland has its own ice restaurant and bar as well as an amazing Igloo disco where you can dance the night away. This fabulous holiday base is situated in a beautifully scenic area of forests and fells.  There’s so much to do here, from snowshoeing and reindeer safaris to dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing. And when days turn to night, you will be perfectly placed for views of the mystical Aurora as they scatter ribbons of colour across the dark, winter skies.

Torassieppi Snow Hotel

A newcomer to our Ice and Snow Hotels in Finland is the Torassieppi Snow Hotel. Built for the first time in 2014, the hotel is part of a magical winter village, incorporating all of the magical elements of this part of the world and much, much more. Here you'll find resident reindeer and huskies, an ice bar, ice chapel and, for those travelling with children, the long awaited Snow Activity World. This place is sure to be a big hit with travellers of all ages!

Something Different

The majority of our offerings here take place entirely in Finland – that is with the exception of our cross border snowmobile safari. This thrilling six day break sees you driving for four days across the border and through Sweden, stopping each night at secluded accommodation where you’ll get a real sense of the beauty of the area. One of these nights sees you staying in the world famous Swedish Icehotel where the intricacy of the carving and the beauty of the construction ensure an experience like no other.

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