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Icehotel Sweden

Marvel at the fairytale setting of Jukkasjärvi, where glistening snowflakes dust the treetops and carpet the ground. The Icehotel in Sweden is a magical piece of architecture which is created entirely out of ice and snow each year. Set against Lapland’s enchanting backdrop of fragrant pine trees, this wondrous hotel offers an awe-inspiring experience both inside and out. The exquisite interior of the Icehotel in Sweden is meticulously sculpted from large blocks of ice and you can admire magnificent pieces of carved artwork and furniture, even the glasses in the Absolut Icebar are made from ice! The Icehotel in Sweden is not only the largest of its kind, it was also the first one ever built and features a lounge, two restaurants and a choice of either warm or cold accommodation. Spend a night sleeping on a bed of ice that is draped with thick reindeer hides to keep you warm or visit the spectacular ice chapel where you can enjoy a romantic white wedding in a totally unique location.

You can explore the idyllic countryside surrounding the Icehotel in Sweden on a variety of exhilarating excursions such as snowmobiling over the Arctic landscape, husky sledding or a delightful reindeer safari. Make sure you look out for the captivating display of the Northern Lights, which often paint the sky in wisps of blue, green and red. The Icehotel in Sweden truly is one of the most exceptional hotels in the world, set amongst one of the most exquisite landscapes. Browse our selection of extraordinary holidays to the Icehotel in Sweden and start planning the ultimate Swedish adventure.

Find your own unique break with our range of holidays to ice and snow hotels, or check out our ice and snow hotels holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what we have to offer!

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  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Lapland Adventure

    Opt for the Icehotel Lapland for a luxury stay in a hotel made from ice and snow

    An activity-led, short break at the Icehotel, complete with a night in your very own snow room. Discover our Icehotel Lapland adventure breaks in the awe-inspiring landscape of Sweden. The world's largest Icehotel is rebuilt, entirely from snow...

    4 Days From £1734

  • Sweden: Stockholm and the ICEHOTEL

    Stockholm and the Icehotel - the perfect blend of city chic and cool accommodation

    An unforgettable, five day break, combining the culture of Stockholm with the Arctic charm of the Icehotel. This amazing short break is ideal for those travellers who want the best of both worlds. Combine the beautiful and vibrant city of...

    5 Days From £1168

  • Sweden: Icehotel and Abisko Short Break

    With this Icehotel and Abisko break you can experience Sweden like never before

    An action-packed short break, combining a night at the Icehotel and two nights of Northern Lights hunts, including an evening visit to the Abisko Aurora Sky Station, one of the world’s best Northern Lights locations. Each winter, the wonderful...

    4 Days From £1256

  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Sweden

    Choose the Icehotel Sweden for a truly magical break

    Flexible, winter short break, featuring three nights in the world famous Icehotel resort, with one night in your own room in the Icehotel. Re-designed every year, the Icehotel in Sweden is a truly unique place to stay. Home to range of carefully...

    4 Days From £1028

  • Sweden: Ice Hotel weddings

    Our Icehotel Weddings offer a world of romance

    Magical, five day wedding break featuring a religious ceremony in the Ice Church or a civil ceremony in an Ice Suite. There’s something truly memorable about spending your big day at the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Besides the undeniable beauty of the...

    5 Days From £6494

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