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Ice and Snow Hotels : Lapland

Stay in an Art Suite at the Icehotel, the first of the Ice and Snow Hotels in Lapland

Journey to the deep snows of Lapland and experience the ultimate winter escape as you embark an adventure to some of the world’s most iconic Ice and Snow Hotels. Lapland is the dream destination for many winter travellers and there’s no better way to discover this unforgettable region than from an incredible ice and snow hotel. The first ever snow hotel is based in Swedish Lapland, making a getaway to the snow-covered terrains of the region a truly authentic ice hotel experience!

Find your own unique break with our range of holidays to ice and snow hotels, or check out our ice and snow hotels holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what we have to offer!

The Original

Nestled amid the snowy terrains of Swedish Lapland is the world’s first ice and snow hotel. The Icehotel is the ultimate snow hotel experience, with guestrooms being redesigned every year, guaranteeing a night in truly unique accommodation. For a greater taste of the artwork that goes into creating the Icehotel, opt for a breathtaking Art Suite. These intricately decorated rooms are individual masterpieces of ice-art and offer an unrivalled setting for a night in Lapland.

Like all of our Ice and Snow Hotels in Lapland, the Icehotel is a fantastic base from which to search for the Northern Lights. This captivating phenomenon is frequently witnessed in the skies above Swedish Lapland; a sight of these breathtaking displays is the perfect way to top off an adventure at the Icehotel. In fact, a popular excursion for guests at the Icehotel is a guided snowmobile safari at night. This safari will take you to the locations most likely to be treated to a display from the Aurora, increasing your chances of a sighting as well as giving you time to enjoy this thrilling Arctic pursuit.

The Icehotel is a sensational base for a myriad of other wintry pursuits, from traditional husky sledding adventures to high-octane ice driving sessions, the Icehotel is ideal for all manner of outdoor adventures. As well as these thrilling excursions, you can also opt for the unbelievable opportunity to try your hand at ice-carving under the instruction of the people that actually make Ice and Snow Hotels! Lapland is inarguably the ideal destination for anyone looking for adventures in the snow.

Finnish Lapland

Unwind in a unique restaurant in Finland with our Ice and Snow Hotels in Lapland

Not all of our Ice and Snow Hotels in Lapland are found in Sweden. Finnish Lapland is home to two iconic creations of its own; the Lainio Snow Village and the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village. The perfect destination for winter activities, the Lainio Snow Village offers ample opportunity to immerse yourself in a wide range of Artic pursuits. Experience the thrill of a snowmobile safari, the joy of a dog sledding excursion, the intriguing challenge of ice fishing and many more exhilarating treats.

The Igloo Village is truly unique amongst our Ice and Snow Hotels in Lapland; choose between an authentic snow igloo or a heated glass igloo offering panoramic views of the night sky. The snow igloos offer the opportunity to experience a night in unforgettable Lappish style while the glass igloos provide a touch more comfort to your adventure in Finland.

Both of our ice and snow hotels in Finland use authentic log cabins as their warm accommodation. These cosy retreats are the perfect embodiment of the traditional snow-covered, warm escape that entices so many to Finnish Lapland and ensure yet another unforgettable experience on your adventure.

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