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The Quebec Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Quebec is one of the most exciting and original holiday experiences in Canada. The astonishing is reconstructed every year and is a truly inspirational sight of intricately sculpted ice art. Envisage spending the night in a spectacular and awe-inspiring arctic suite in Quebec's Ice Hotel. The breathtaking hotel in Canada has many amazing features such as an indoor ice slide and a mesmerising Ice Chapel. At night you can relax by enjoying a drink in the superb N'Ice Bar or warming up in one of the hotel's luxurious outdoor hot tubs.

The break also includes accommodation in a premier Canadian lodge which just outside of Quebec city. Canada has an epic arctic landscape which you can explore by cross-country skiing, ice skating or snow shoeing which the hotel provides for free. Visit the phenomenal Ice Hotel in Quebec if you want a unique and unforgettable break!

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