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Travel to the Icehotel

Enjoy an extraordinary break in the glistening, snow covered wilderness of Sweden when you travel to the Icehotel. The world famous hotel features intricately designed ice sculptures which are re-built every year out of ice and snow. When you Travel to the Icehotel you will be mesmerised by its breathtaking interior which comprises of a majestic Pillar Hall, spectacular Ice Church, an Icebar and Ice Suites.

During your break you will stay in both warm and cold accommodation. One of the highlights of your Icehotel break is an overnight stay in am Arctic suite. Here all of the furniture is made out of ice, including the beds which are covered with reindeer skins and a padded sleeping bag. In the morning, a hot cup of Lingonberry juice is brought to your bedside, which is followed by breakfast, the perfect start to a day when you Travel to the Icehotel.

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Travel to the Icehotel - Activities

Choose from the array of thrilling activities which are available and will no doubt fill your days and evenings with unforgettable experiences. Travel to the Icehotel and explore the picturesque scenery surrounding on an exhilarating husky sleigh ride or speed over snow-covered fells on a high speed snowmobile safari. Enjoy a romantic starlit dinner in the wilderness and other relaxing options such as snowshoeing.

During the evenings you can warm up in an outdoor sauna where, if you are lucky, you will see the mesmerising Northern Lights strike across the sky in dazzling colours of red, green and yellow. The incredible natural phenomena are more likely to be seen during the winter months when the weather conditions are clear. Alternatively spend your evenings unwinding with a drink in the Absolut Icebar.

Travel to the Icehotel to experience an unforgettable Arctic adventure.

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