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Iceland : Whale Watching

Visit the ‘Whale Watching Capital of Europe’ on one of our incredible Iceland Whale Watching holidays and discover the abundance of cetacean species that inhabit its glistening waters. Our whale spotting adventures take you out across the waves in the hopes of observing these breathtaking creatures and to gain a unique glimpse into how they live in their natural habitat.

Find your perfect Iceland whale watching tour from our range and set out on your own adventure. Or, if you're not entirely sure which break is right for you, take a look at our Iceland Holidays Ideas or speak to our advisers on 0333 800 2033!

So Much to See

With sightings of 23 different species being recorded around the island, Iceland Whale Watching tours offer an exceptional range of creatures to see. Of these 23 species, 11 are counted as regular visitors to Iceland, especially the area around Húsavík, the ‘Whale Watching Capital of Europe’. The species range from the iconic Orca and Humpback Whales, to the less known Sei and Long Finned Pilot Whales; meaning you have the chance to enjoy all of the classic whale watching sights alongside some of the less common ones on your adventure.

The whales’ behaviour towards boats varies between species, with some being difficult to approach like the Harbour Porpoise while others, such as the Minke Whale, will curiously swim over to their visitors. However, whether sociable or shy these creatures all offer a breathtaking sight should you be lucky enough to spot them. Amongst the range of species on Iceland Whale Watching holidays is the ultimate oceanic giant: the Blue Whale. This enormous mammal is the largest creature on the planet and provides an awe-inspiring sight should you catch a glimpse. Also frequently seen in Iceland is the subject of so many spectacular whale watching photos; the Humpback Whale. The Humpbacks provide the acrobatic displays that are the highlight of these excursions, with their fellow whale species offering a host of other unforgettable sights!

Discover Iceland

Opt for an Iceland Whale Watching excursion on a self drive tour and combine your search for these incredible creatures with a journey of discovery to the country’s most sensational features. Explore the vibrant capital; Reykjavik and take in the sights ranging from the architectural wonder of the Hallgrímskirkja Church to the picturesque Lake Tjörnin at the heart of the city. For an exploration of Iceland’s breathtaking nature you have the opportunity to visit the world renowned Golden Circle, home to some of the world’s most fascinating geological formations. Journey to the rift between tectonic plates and on to the breathtaking Geysir Springs where you can witness water being spouted 30m into the air! The volcanic history of Iceland is apparent on tours of the Golden Circle, and when coupled with an Iceland Whale Watching adventure you can combine the two unique discoveries.

From Golden Circle to Diamond Circle, those embarking on an adventure around Húsavík in north Iceland don't need to worry about missing out on exceptional Icelandic discovery. Enjoy a circuit of some of Northeast Iceland's most spectacular natural attractions. From Húsavík you will travel to the canyon of Ásbyrgi and the mighty Deltafoss waterfall, then on to the breathtaking Lake Mývatn and then from here to the waterfall of the gods: Goðafoss. These are only the main points of the Diamond Circle with a host of other highlights to witness on your whale watching tour.

When to Travel

Our Iceland Whale Watching tours are available year round, with each time of year offering its own unique draws. The most popular time to travel is in the summer, not only because of the warmer weather but due to the fact that many of Iceland’s cetacean visitors are migratory. This means that your chances of seeing a greater range of species is improved through the summer months as their migration habits bring them to Iceland’s more temperate waters. However, the cooler seasons are not without their own perks. While several species may be less likely to be seen, a whale watching break in winter offers the incredible chance to combine this wildlife spotting adventure with the chance to see the breathtaking Northern Lights over the unforgettable Icelandic vistas. So whenever you want to embark, our range will have something to tempt you all year round!

An Exhilarating Experience

You can also choose to enjoy an Iceland Whale Watching expedition on an activity break. Take advantage of the Icelandic terrains and indulge in the range of activities they lend themselves to. With choices ranging from horseback riding, to a more sedate fishing excursion to the adrenalin-filled pursuit of white-water rafting, our variety of whale watching tours incorporate ample opportunity to enjoy a host of Iceland’s thrills.

Ready to Book?

Whether you’re looking for a self drive adventure or an action-packed getaway, we have the Iceland Whale Watching holiday to suit. If any of our tours have you tempted, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our travel advisers so that we can get your unforgettable experience underway.

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