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Lapland : Adventure Holidays

Snowmobiling on our Lapland Adventure Holidays

The spirit of adventure is in all of us so, it this is the year you want to set it free, take a look at our amazing Lapland Adventure Holidays and get planning a very special getaway.

Here at the Mighty Fine Company we understand that adventure is a very subjective thing so, whilst some may consider a night in an Ice Igloo to be a real adventure, others will expect something a little more hard-core, perhaps, for example, a multi-day Russian snowmobile excursion. Well, the great news is that, whatever your definition of adventure, we’re sure to have the perfect getaway for you. So, take a look at our selection of Lapland Adventure Holidays and let the fun begin!

Full-On Adventure

Opt for one of our Lapland Adventure Holidays in winter and take to the snow on a husky sled or snowmobile. These multi-day adventures transport you to some of the most remote and beautiful places imaginable. Explore the Lappish countryside, scaling its highest mountain and handling your snowmobile in deep, deep snow. Cross the border into Swedish Lapland and spend a night at the world famous Icehotel. And if stunning scenic beauty is your thing, our tour to Russian Karelia is an absolute must. Here you’ll journey from one wilderness hut to another, taking in views of the amazing countryside and marvelling at the simply amazing waterfalls which punctuate the landscape here.

Summertime Fun

Adventure is a year round phenomenon as far as we are concerned and that’s why we offer our Lapland Adventure Holidays in summer too. Based in the amazing surroundings of Harads, these breaks offer the chance to go sea-kayaking, horse riding, mountain biking and much, much more. And whilst your daytimes are spent enjoying great outdoor adventures, you’ll also have the chance to spend a night in one of the amazing treehotel suites here. Go all space age with a stay in a UFO, bed down in a giant Bird’s Nest or blend in with your surroundings in a beautiful Mirror Cube. Indeed, with accommodation like that, every day is an adventure at Harads!

Staying in the Swedish Icehotel in summer is another unique experience available on our Lapland Adventure Holidays. Spend daytimes in this beautiful area canoeing, white-water rafting and hiking and then, on one night during your stay, sleep in the summer Icehotel. Built inside a temperature controlled Arts Centre, this mini version of the winter Icehotel is a sight to behold with its fabulous mood lighting and outstanding ice carving. If you want adventure, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights on our Lapland Adventure Holidays

Each year, many people visit this part of the world in search of the amazing Northern Lights. This fabulous natural display shoots ribbons of green, red and yellow across the sky and the sight of these ribbons dancing is something that will simply astound you. Many of our Lapland Adventure Holidays devote some precious time to helping you experience the Aurora for yourself. On some breaks you will set out into the wilderness each night on foot, trekking through the snow on snowshoes until you reach a wilderness hut where you await the start of the show. On other holidays you will be travelling out into the darkness on snowmobile or even husky sled. We do whatever we can so you can be in the right place to see the Aurora. Indeed, when it comes to adventure, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting experience.

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For the ultimate Lapland Adventure Holidays, take a look at our range of itineraries and start planning a break you’ll treasure for many years to come. Our friendly team are on hand to answer any queries you may have and help you to book your holiday. So, don’t delay, speak to them today!

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