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Northern Lights Trips Lapland

See the Aurora on Northern Lights Trips to Lapland

It's all too easy to think that Northern Lights holidays are purely aimed at hardy outdoor types with a passion for all things astronomical. Well yes, there are lots of holidays to suit such travellers but our Northern Lights Trips to Lapland offer so much more.

Lapland is an amazing choice for a Northern Lights holiday as so much of it lies north of the Arctic Circle, under the Auroral belt. This is a place of picture postcard snowscenes, fabulously welcoming people and great activities. In essence, Lapland offers Northern Lights holidays for all types of travellers, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy their kind of holiday and hunt for the elusive Northern Lights.

Autumn Adventure

Did you know, for example, that you don’t have to travel in winter to see the Northern Lights? Amazingly, the lights are actually visible in autumn and the reason most people wait until winter to see them is the fact that they want to combine Aurora hunting with snowy activities. If this isn’t a priority for you, our Autumn Aurora Break at the Lapland Igloo Village could be right up your street. This fabulous five day break gives you the freedom to spend your daytimes touring the local area in a hire car. There’s so much to see and do here, from gold panning with Santa’s elves (yes, you did hear right!) to white water rafting and trips to the Barents Sea. And at the end of each day, you’ll return to the comfort and warmth of your traditional log cabin. Perfect!

Activities in the Wilderness

Explore by Snowmobile on our Northern Lights Trips to Lapland

If you come down firmly on the side of activity breaks, our eight day Activity Week including Snow Village is a full on action experience and includes the option to stay overnight in one of the Snow Village’s magnificent ice rooms. Daytimes on this break are fabulous. You’ll snowmobile, drive a dog sled, ride a reindeer sleigh and try your hand at snowshoeing and ice fishing. And when it comes to Aurora hunting, you’ll snowmobile into the wilderness for the best possible chance to see the lights.

Talking of wilderness locations, our five day Winter Trip to the Wilderness is set on the stunningly beautiful Saariselkä fells. Staying at the Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge, you’ll enjoy great views of the night skies and spend you days visiting a reindeer farm, trying your hand at dog sledding and learning how to snowshoe and ski - cross country style.

Festive Fun

Many travellers planning a Northern Lights holiday like to include it in their festive celebrations. We have options, therefore, for those who want to take their holiday as a pre-curser to the festive season and those who actually want to spend Christmas week in Lapland.

Our four day Early Christmas Adventure Break takes you to the Harriniva Hotel where you will stay in comfortable safari-style hotel rooms. A perfect Christmas aperitif, you'll experience the Lappish highlights of husky sledding, reindeer sleigh riding and, of course, a snowmobile safari in search of the Aurora. Sure to get you in the mood for a great Christmas, this delightful break is always a popular choice.

If you prefer to spend Christmas in Lapland, our Meet Santa Claus Festive Family Adventure is an absolute must. Throughout your five day stay, the excitement increases as you speak to Santa’s elves and pick up clues which eventually lead to a meeting with the main man himself. Huskies and reindeers will, of course, play a key part in proceedings and the children will love these fantastic creatures. All in all, this magical experience makes for a Christmas you’ll remember forever.

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