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Namibia Holidays are an adventurous travellers dream! With a huge variety of wildlife; some of the oldest and highest sand dunes in the world; the enigmatic silence of the Skeleton Coast; fantastic national parks; and cultural experiences that you will never forget, Namibia has something for everyone!

Despite the land being arid for thousands of years, flora and fauna have adapted to the conditions and now thrive here. Travel off-the-beaten track to discover animals such as the rare Black Rhino, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, the Black Faced Impala, Suricates and Desert Elephants as well as the Big Five and many others.

On our Namibia Holidays you'll travel around the country via plane or bus, meaning that you will experience the best of a range of different areas whilst you’re here. Buses allow you to catch glimpses of the smaller animals and insects while our small wilderness planes offer remarkable, panoramic views and an exhilarating experience that you will never forget!

For a little more guidance on what you can enjoy in Namibia, take a look at our Namibian Holiday Ideas, call our advisers on 0333 800 2033 or get in touch through our online chat feature. If you're ready to find your ideal Namiban break, just check out our selection of holidays in Namibia and begin your adventure!

Etosha National Park

As one of the largest savannah conservation areas in Africa, Etosha National Park is renowned for its spectacular wildlife viewing. Home to over 500 different animal species, it is the most visited park in the country. Embark on game drives in this great area and discover varying terrains, housing many different animals, plants and birds. Spotting the Big Five African game, as well as huge herds of antelope, big cats and many more, is an absolute must on your Namibia Holidays.

Skeleton Coast

This fascinating area exhibits an eerie silence broken only by the sound of the tide ebbing in and out. The barren and inhospitable coastline displays remnants of maritime tragedies as shipwrecks lay bare, partially buried in the sand. The wreckage of the MV Dunedin Star, which sailed too close to the disaster-prone shoreline, is just one that can be found here.

Desert-Dwelling Elephants and Cape Cross Seals are just some of the creatures which you can see roaming freely about the area on your Namibia Holidays. The endangered Black Rhino can also be found in this part of the country but can prove difficult to track.

The Namib Desert

See this vast area, which contains the Namib Naukluft National Park, home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna; the ancient Sesriem Canyon and the oldest desert known to man on your Namibia Holidays.

The national park plays host to many Suricates as well as Oryx, Springboks and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras. Nearby lies the Sesriem Canyon which, millions of years ago, was carved by the Tsauchab River. The area is also home to Sossusvlei, the world’s oldest and highest sand dunes, which have now turned to sandstone. These banks vary from orange to burgundy, a picturesque vison when the sun is at its peak.


A visit to Namibia would feel incomplete without immersing yourself in African culture. The friendly locals welcome you with open arms, teaching you their traditions and showing you their way of life. Pay a visit to a Himba village where you will meet a smoke tribe, witness a milking ceremony, learn about the tribe’s ancient herbal remedies and discover how their jewellery and hairstyles reflect their status in the camp.

Discover Swakopmund, a fascinating town just south of the Skeleton Coast. Founded by a German sailor in 1892, European architecture is rife throughout the town in stark contrast to that of the rest of the country.

Other Attractions

Many of our Namibia Holidays begin in the thriving capital city of Windhoek. Here, you will delve into the fast-paced, city lifestyle as you visit local craft and meat markets or take a tour. Other areas that we visit leave civilization behind as you venture into the wilderness. Discover the remote region of Damaraland, housing the free-roaming Desert Elephant; and Epupa, home to a series of beautiful waterfalls.

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