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The Aurora Borealis

Billowing across clear night skies, the shimmering rays of the Aurora Borealis can be encountered against the picturesque backdrops of Iceland, Norway and Sweden. We at The Mighty Fine Company have designed incredible escapes to stunning locations in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, which will bring you closer than ever before to seeing the stunning spectacle of the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights have long been the subject of folklore and legend, with different cultures offering strange and wonderful explanations for the presence of the Aurora. Some claimed that the ethereal colours are the spectres of ancestors while the Vikings believed the Aurora to be beautiful female creatures called Valkyries who would escort heroes killed in battle to the afterlife. The true explanation for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis does not detract from the beauty of this phenomenon, and with our comprehensive tours, you may be fortunate enough to witness the solar electrons colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere, projecting the incredible flares of the Aurora.

Find your Aurora hunting tour with our range of Northern Lights holidays, or check out our Northern Lights holiday ideas for a little guidance on what types of break we offer.

Be Part of the Northern Lights Adventure

There is a wide range of exciting holidays to choose from: indulge in a cosmopolitan city break in Tromsø, immerse yourself among the snow-laden vistas of Finland or embark on an extensive voyage with a Norwegian cruise in search of the Aurora Borealis. These are just samples of the adventures that await you when you browse our holidays that are specifically designed to provide the optimum opportunities to see the inspirational Aurora Borealis. Our holidays incorporate many sightseeing excursions, alongside more challenging expeditions in search of the elusive Aurora. Those who like nothing more than exhilarating winter sports may well be enticed by the winter adventure weekend in Finland, where you can speed through incredible terrains on a snowmobile looking for the alluring lights of the Aurora. A visit to the Lapland Igloo Village is the perfect location for a romantic break among the glistening glass domes and icicle-laden trees, which provide a fairytale setting for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis. We also cater for the culture vultures among you, taking you on journeys to enjoy the ambience of charming towns and bustling cities during a variety of tours. Experience days as exciting as the nights when you explore the communities and history of each fascinating region. Wherever you choose to go on your adventures, as twilight approaches and the skies darken, prepare to witness the beauty and spectacle of the most wonderful Aurora Borealis.

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