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Northern Lights Cruise Holidays

Northern Lights Cruise Holidays are a sensational way to discover some of the intriguing science behind the Aurora Borealis.

The cause of the lights has been shrouded in mythology for centuries and a huge assortment of folk tales has risen around them. However, thanks to modern technology we now know these mesmerising displays are in fact the result of solar particles reacting with ions in our upper atmosphere. The astonishing journey they make from the sun to earth is a truly fascinating subject that can be delved into on any of our cruises as well as an exploration of the myths and legends that have grown in the areas lucky enough to have sightings.

The cruises offer a magnificent setting to learn about the Aurora. Sail along epic fjords and the breathtaking coastline of Norway between visits to some of the remote hamlets and historic towns that are home to some of the myths. With a good choice of duraations, itineraries and ports of call, our selection of Northern Lights Cruise Holidays provides ample choice for a Norwegian coastal adventure.

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  • Norway: Northern Lights Holidays - Full Round Voyage

    Opt for our Northern Lights Cruises in Norway and set sail on the Full Round Voyage

    Amazing, 12 day, full round, Northern Lights voyage from Bergen, sailing all the way up to Kirkenes. Our Northern Lights Cruise in Norway offers travellers majestic landscapes, unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to see the Aurora...

    12 Days From £968

  • Norway: Northern Lights Cruises - Voyage North

    Set sail on our Norwegian Northern Lights Cruise and take in the stunning scenery as you travel north

    Fabulous seven day, Northern Lights cruise sailing from Bergen to Kirkenes and crossing the Arctic Circle. Our Norwegian Northern Lights Cruise will take you on an incredible voyage across the Arctic Circle in search of the Aurora Borealis. The...

    7 Days From £617

  • Norway: Arctic Highlights with Direct Flights

    Discover Arctic Highlights on this fabulous cruise itinerary

    Six day holiday featuring a four day Arctic Circle cruise, with great opportunities to see the Northern Lights. If you are looking for a fascinating Northern Lights experience, this Arctic Highlights voyage is perfect for you. Your Arctic...

    6 Days From £949

  • Norway: Nordlys Northern Lights Cruise - Tromsø-Kirkenes-Tromsø

    Our round trip Tromso Kirkenes Cruise offers ample time to see the Northern Lights

    Great value, five day, circular, Northern Lights cruise departing Tromso and travelling up the coast to Kirkenes. Our Tromso to Kirkenes Cruise begins as you join your ship in Norway’s Arctic capital and begin your leisurely voyage north. Together...

    5 Days From £849

  • Norway: Northern Lights Cruise - Voyage South

    Set sail on our Norway Northern Lights Cruise and enjoy the amazing voyage south

    A seven day, Northern Lights voyage, travelling south from Kirkenes to Bergen and crossing the Arctic Circle. Our Norway Northern Lights Cruise takes you on an epic journey through breathtaking costal landscapes, in search of the mesmerising...

    7 Days From £556

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