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Northern Lights Experiences

A Norwegian cruise filled with fantastic Northern Lights Experiences

Gracefully twisting and turning like a ballerina engrossed in her dance, the Aurora Borealis has perplexed and astounded mankind since the beginning of time. Our Northern Lights Experiences aim to encapsulate the wonder and magic of these much sought after phenomena by offering incredible accommodation, destinations and activities that are centred on the Aurora. Whether you want to capture the Northern Lights on a photo tour of Iceland, look for them above Sweden’s Icehotel or embark on a Norwegian voyage, we have Northern Lights Experiences to suit everyone.

Find your Aurora hunting tour with our range of Northern Lights holidays, or check out our Northern Lights holiday ideas for a little guidance on what types of break we offer.


Because of the Aurora’s increasing popularity, there are more and more hotels popping up in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland that are geared around the Northern Lights. And places like the Hotel Rangá present guests with optimal viewing conditions for spotting the lights, while the Kirkenes Snowhotel offers totally unique Northern Lights Experiences inside its icy walls.


Sortland in Norway, a beautiful destination on Northern Lights Experiences

The closer you travel to high latitude regions, which are close to the Arctic Circle and within the auroral zone, the more likely you are to witness the mysterious Northern Lights. Because of its northerly position, Scandinavia is one of the world's best places to hunt the Aurora, and each country possesses its own individual character. Whether you choose Norway, Finland or Sweden you're assured of a host of unforgettable Northern Lights Experiences from late night snowmobiling adventures to cross country husky safaris!


We offer a wide range of activities, excursions and tours that can be booked for our Northern Lights Experiences. Snowmobile across extreme landscapes that are strewn with fascinating snow sculptures, practice the art of snowshoeing and hike through remote wilderness to vantage points, or enjoy the classic husky sledding adventure over the pristine terrains. You can sail onto bracing Arctic waters for some of the most memorable Northern Lights Experiences as you explore the breathtaking Norwegian coast, stopping off at some of the country's most fascinating locations.

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