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Northern Lights Direct Charter

Norway is a unique and beautiful country with countless sights to discover, and the Aurora Borealis has to be one of the most remarkable. With trips to see the Northern Lights by Direct Charter flight, these entrancing wonders are made more accessible to travellers from the UK. And because it is easier and quicker to fly to Norway and the Northern Lights by direct charter, you have more time to spend exploring the highlights.

Quite often, on specified flights you will be able to choose from several departure dates and airports, including Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast. We want to take the stress out of travelling so that you can make the most of your time away, without worrying about extra expense and inconvenient changes during your journey.

Holidays to the Northern Lights with Direct Charter Flights

We have several holidays to Norway with direct charter flights but one of the best ways to really get under the skin of this riveting country is on a Northern Lights Full Round Voyage. Visit multiple destinations as the custom-built ship sails along the coastline, bringing you supreme views of the frozen scenery. Snow-topped peaks rise and fall and pretty buildings huddle at the water’s edge, waiting for the Aurora to brighten up the dusky sky.

Disembark at remote towns and dip your toes into the culture and traditions of the Arctic. Guided sightseeing tours take you on eye-opening journeys and introduce you to curious architecture, gripping history and unbelievable wildlife such as whales, huskies and reindeer. Alternatively, you can travel to Lofoten to the Northern Lights by direct charter flight. This stunningly picturesque archipelago comprises charming fishing villages, which are framed by jagged peaks and deep blue sea, where whales and other amazing marine life live. You can even escape for New Year and celebrate in style. However you choose to enjoy the best of Norway, your holiday will certainly be unforgettable.

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