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Northern Lights Whale Watching

Nature lovers are in for a real treat as they set out on one of our Northern Lights Whale Watching tours.

With the chance to catch sight of the magnificent Orca/Killer Whale in its natural environment, our Orca Whale Watching Holiday is not to be missed. This voyage will take you to Andenes, a popular feeding spot for Orcas, greatly increasing your chances of a sighting. There’s plenty of other wildlife on this journey, including potential sightings of the Humpback Whale along with seals and the huge variety of birds which live along the Norwegian coast. In the evenings on this tour there is ample opportunity to search the skies for the Aurora Borealis. Indeed, catching a glimpse of both the whales and the Northern Lights is sure to make an unforgettable trip.

For a more romantic getaway, the Northern Lights Valentine Break Vesterålen is perfect. What better way to spend Valentines than with your loved one under an Aurora sky? With nightly Northern Lights searches, we provide the best opportunity to do just that as the experienced guides take you on an exploration of the local area to the best viewpoints for the Aurora. During the day you can take to the waves as you search for the Orca and Humpback whales that reside in these waters. Remember to keep an eye open for other creatures too such as the White-Tailed Eagle, various species of seals and even dolphins. This Northern Lights Whale Watching break is the ideal trip for Valentines everywhere.

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If you’re looking for a unique way to ring in the New Year, the Lofoten and the Northern Lights New Year Break is a fantastic way to do it. This getaway has an excellent range of cultural attractions to enjoy but the biggest draw has to be the sea safaris. Again in a popular region for both Orca and Humpback Whales, this trip gives you the chance to celebrate the New Year with the sight of the world’s mightiest mammal. And of course, midnight on New Year’s Eve would unforgettable if your countdown finished under the Northern Lights. Sightings can’t be guaranteed but this Northern Lights Whale Watching tour offers the best opportunity for a fantastic start to the year!

A trip like this doesn’t have to be on special occasions though. Most Northern Lights spotters travel in the winter to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon but this leaves the autumn Aurora largely unobserved. Our Autumn Northern Lights short break provides the opportunity to take advantage of this quieter period to search for the Aurora. And why not make it a Northern Lights Whale Watching break by joining our nature photography excursion which gives you the chance to capture incredible wildlife, using techniques taught by experienced photographers. Whales are certainly known to frequent this area, so have your cameras at the ready!

For those with time constraints, our Northern Lights Tromsø City Break (late November to early January)enables you to observe these magnificent creatures during their migration as they follow the herring from feeding area to feeding area. And finally, if you prefer to spend your whole holiday on board ship, there’s our wide range of Northern Lights Cruises. There are several itineraries to choose from, all exploring the coast of Norway, all offering great excursions and all giving you the chance to view the wonderful inhabitants of the sea and the air.

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