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A Trip to see the Northern Lights

For an incredible holiday enjoying the crisp, Arctic air take a Trip to See the Northern Lights. Our tours introduce you to amazing landscapes of lava fields resting beside glacial terrains and glittering forests laden with the pure snow of winter.

Embarking on Aurora Safaris, you may witness the glorious colours of the Northern Lights against the most scintillating backdrops. Enjoy journeys through spectacular mountain ranges and speed across the countryside on a snowmobile. Meander through the thick Arctic snow on a reindeer sleigh and inhale the aromatic breeze as you rush across frozen lakes in a husky sled.

We have a sensational selection of breaks where a Trip to See the Northern Lights is transformed into the holiday of a lifetime. Take your family on a Christmas adventure or whisk your partner away for a romantic break in a glass igloo. Whether you are travelling with friends or by yourself, a Northern Lights holiday with the Mighty Fine Company will be one you will never forget.

Find your Aurora hunting tour with our range of Northern Lights holidays, or check out our Northern Lights holiday ideas for a little guidance on what types of break we offer.

Holidays for All

See in the New Year with a Northern Lights Holiday in Vesterålen and go in search of one of the world’s most fascinating phenomena. This beautiful setting is perfect for getting into the spirit of the season whilst enjoying the array of wildlife that graces this picturesque archipelago. Orcas travel to the scenic shores in search of food during winter and whilst on this break, you will have the opportunity to join a wildlife watching safari in the tranquil waters surrounding Vesterålen. Each evening you can take advantage of your remote location to look to the skies for the Northern Lights. New Year’s Eve is an extravagant celebration of fine foods, wine and fireworks, giving you the chance to mingle with fellow guests and enjoy a truly special New Year.

If you embrace the unusual and adore whimsical accommodation, the Harads Treehotel Winter Activity Week is most certainly the holiday for you. Nestled amongst the serene forests of Sweden, this unique hotel boasts themed suites including the UFO, the Bird’s Nest and the Mirrorcube. Allowing you to enjoy a break filled with excitement, the Treehotel is also ideally situated to embark on a trip to see the Northern Lights due to its location just 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle. It is also the only accommodation of its kind to have a sauna built among the trees. This break is ideal for couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway.

Northern Lights breaks

We offer Northern Lights breaks in Sweden, Iceland and Norway. The Northern Lights, which are also known as the Aurora Borealis, appear in striking displays of green, blue, yellow and pink. There are numerous factors which can affect your chances of seeing the Northern Lights including weather, moonlight and light pollution. As some as these factors are unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that you will witness the phenomena on a trip to see the Northern Lights.

Our Northern Lights cruises are ideal for people who want to see the Northern Lights in a more relaxing way. Sail along the craggy Norwegian coastline, calling at numerous towns and villages along the way. There are a number of excursions available during these holidays including hunting King Crabs, dog sledding and city tours. You can view the full itinerary of any Trip to See the Northern Lights by selecting one of the holidays above.

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