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Norway: Holidays and Adventures

Discover beautiful views on our Norway holidays

One of the highlights of Scandinavian adventures, Norway Holidays are a joy year round, whether you’re travelling with family, as a couple or independently. Renowned for its perennial beauty, featuring glistening fjords and humbling mountain ranges, the Norwegian landscape offers incomparable views and, of course, plenty of chances for the perfect picture!

With a population of under five million (just over half that of London) and a land mass of almost 150,000 square miles, Norway provides the ideal location for those wanting to get away from the crowds, with seemingly endless stretches of sparsely populated countryside.

Winters here are cold, as is to be expected so far north, and yet the country boasts temperatures noticeably warmer than other destinations at similar latitudes. Norway’s idyllic snowy backdrop provides an ideal setting for an incredible range of seasonal pursuits. From snowmobiling, to dog sledding and snowshoe excursions, there is a wide variety of winter activities to be enjoyed on Norway Holidays.

In the summer, temperatures rise significantly in Norway. Indeed, they’ve been known to top 30°C under the Midnight Sun. The long, bright days are a total reverse from the wintry weather and bring plenty of new pursuits to try on a Norway Holiday. Hiking in the peaks is a popular attraction, as are breaks in the modern cities. Indeed, whenever you travel, you’ll find more than enough to ensure you’ll love every minute in Norway.

Choose from our holidays in Norway to find your perfect tour, or take a look at our Norwegian holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what you can experience in Norway!

City Destinations

The main city destinations for Norway Holidays are Tromsø, often called the Paris of the North, and Bergen, the Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords. Tromsø is an elegant metropolis boasting exceptional Northern Lights viewing opportunities and is enveloped by landscapes that are ideally suited for a sensational variety of outdoor activities. You can also explore the many historical and cultural attractions of this thriving location including a host of museums and nearby indigenous villages which offer a unique insight into traditional Norwegian life.

In contrast, Bergen is a big city with the charming atmosphere and ambiance of a coastal town. It’s a popular port of call for cruises and can be enjoyed on many of our coastal cruise of Norway Holidays. Bergen is named the ‘Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords’ as is surrounded by breathtaking waterways, making adventures by boat a must during any visit to this magnificent city.

Self Drive Stops

With the freedom of a hire car and the open road, Norway Holidays don’t get much more varied than a self drive adventure. These tours allow you to discover an exceptional range of locations that you can’t experience on any other getaway. Explore the fjords and mountains of western Norway as well as iconic towns including Balestrand, Lillehammer and the capital city of Oslo. These destinations are veritable gold-mines of cultural attractions. Highlights include the popular Balestand Art Village and the Espedalen Mountain Church, a short journey from Lillehammer.

Cruising Ports

A comfortable cruise up the coast is the ideal Norway Holiday for anyone looking to take in the country’s highlights without having to worry about anything other than relaxation and exploration. One of the key stops on any Norwegian cruise has to be the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund. Voted as Norway’s most beautiful town in 2007 and 2009, this incredible destination boasts breathtaking ornamentation on the building fronts and an exceptional range of shopping opportunities. Norway Holidays by sea also allow you to visit the historic city of Trondheim where the main attraction has to be the Nidoras Cathedral. This iconic blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture is one of Norway’s undisputed historical treasures.

Northern Lights Locations

See the Northern Lights on Norway Holidays

The Arctic archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen are two of the best Northern Lights spotting locations you can visit on Norway Holidays. In snowy February these idyllic areas are perfectly suited to wintry valentine’s breaks, with a host of outdoor activities available to enjoy and some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery to savour. This area is also ideal for a range of wildlife watching pursuits, including the chance to spot the famous Killer Whale! Similarly, Vesterålen boasts exceptional wildlife watching, as well as a plethora of cultural attractions. From art galleries and museums to the many restaurants offering traditional cuisine, you can really immerse yourself in local culture on your Norway Holiday.

Snow and Ice Hotels

The Kirkenes Snow Hotel and the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel both provide a unique choice of accommodation. Constructed entirely from snow and ice, these holiday bases allow you to explore incredible wintry surroundings on your Norway Holidays. Whether it’s the pristine snowy wilderness of Kirkenes, with its breathtaking panoramas and untouched blankets of snow, or the fascinating city of Alta and its cornucopia of historical and cultural attractions, there’s an experience to suit everyone on a Norway Holiday to an ice and snow hotel. Visit the Alta Museum and examine the UNESCO listed rock carvings or take advantage of this thriving city’s many shopping opportunities, whatever your preference, Alta and Kirkenes offer an unforgettable getaway

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