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Things to do in Norway Fjords

Immerse yourself in the perennial beauty of this Arctic location and discover Things to do in Norway in the Fjords.

Craggy cliff faces meet clear, flowing waters, adorned with majestic icebergs. One of the most exciting elements of Norway’s fjords is that you can sail freely upon them with a fleet of specially designed ships. The ships are the perfect size to glide through the fjords towards fascinating coastal destinations that other vessels are usually unable to reach. In summer, join us as we sail beneath the Midnight Sun and visit vibrant cities and picturesque towns and villages. There is an array of amazing Things to do in Norway in the Fjords and cruises offer the perfect way to discover the country’s marine animals and wildlife.

Amazing Destinations

Only the most spectacular sights feature in our tours, such as breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites and renowned historic landmarks. Indulge in extensive breaks along Norway’s coastline and see the land from a very unique vantage point.

Visit islands and fishing villages, pausing to discover the intriguing culture of Norway. Embark on an incredible journey to the Arctic and be enveloped by vistas of lush green pines, where icicles hang from snow-dusted branches like ornaments, and mountains rush to greet the glimmering waters below.

There is an incredible amount of activities and tours available during a cruise along Norway’s fjords and the choice of holidays are vast. Sailing the fjords not only allows you to bask in delightful scenery, but travelling by water means that you can enjoy stopping off to see Norway’s many charming coastal regions. If you have an interest in nature and are looking for Things to do in Norway in the Fjords, book an adventure voyage to Norway and Spitsbergen for a classic cruise in search of exotic wildlife. These coasts are home to polar bears, seals, whales and walruses and fjord cruises provide the perfect opportunity to capture these remarkable creatures on film. If you desire an in-depth look at Norway’s shores, the Classic Round Voyage is ideal.

One of the many delightful facets of a fjord cruise is that during the summer you can witness the glory of the Midnight Sun. This phenomenon allows days to drift on endlessly while sunlight dominates the skies, allowing just a few hours of darkness each night. Whichever cruise you select, you will find endless Things to do in Norway in the Fjords.

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