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Norway : Ice and Snow Hotels

Crafted by talented architects and artists in Norway, Ice and Snow Hotels are now one of the most popular choices of accommodation when visiting Scandinavia. Ideal for anyone with a love of the unusual, these unique hotels are situated in the most picturesque landscapes, with National Parks and glacial peaks only moments away. Enjoy spending time at UNESCO World Heritage sites and embarking on adventures in the pine-scented wilderness. Prop up the ice bar with a relaxing drink before wandering through frozen corridors towards your beautifully designed suite where you can keep snug underneath insulated bedding and reindeer skins. No two Norway Ice and Snow Hotels are the same and, as they are rebuilt each year in spectacularly imaginative designs, guests are treated to a truly unique experience.

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Discover Norway: Ice and Snow Hotels

This is a country of unimaginable beauty and one of the most attractive elements about staying in ice and snow accommodation is the location of each hotel. The great outdoors has never been more inviting, with snow-crested mountain peaks, waterfalls, forests, glaciers and fjords all waiting to be discovered. Alongside walking tours and hiking expeditions, guests can enjoy multiple activities. Some of the experiences included in our Norway holidays extend to husky-dog sledding, reindeer sleigh rides and Northern Lights safaris. And if you want even more excitement, book additional (chargeable) activities nearby, such as skiing and snowboarding.

The Perfect Setting for the Northern Lights

As the skies darken above Norway’s peaceful wilderness, the anticipation of locals and visitors is almost palpable as they prepare for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis. Illuminating the night with their whirling display of colour, the Northern Lights are known for their unpredictable behaviour, appearing only when the skies are clear. By booking a stay at one of our Norway Ice and Snow hotels,you enjoy the advantage of being accompanied by some of the most knowledgeable guides in the area. You will be escorted through quiet rural idylls to hidden havens where the lights are most likely to appear and, in addition to this, your guide will provide important information about how to capture the best images of the Aurora when it does present itself.

A Winter Wedding in Wonderland

If you and your partner are not lovers of ‘off-the-peg’ weddings, exchanging vows in the ice chapel at Lapland’s Igloo Village is definitely for you.  Romance echoes through the glistening interiors of this charming structure and ambient lighting draws attention to the beautifully carved arches and sculptures adorning your path to the altar. After the ceremony, feast with friends at the restaurant and celebrate as newlyweds with a reindeer sleigh ride in the snow. Let us take care of the details and honeymoon in style in one of Norway’s breathtaking ice and snow hotels.

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