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Norway : Photography

Capture the rugged beauty of the Norwegian coastline on camera on an incredible cruise along the glistening waterways of Norway. Photography enthusiasts will adore the opportunity to learn the techniques of Northern Lights photography in a fascinating workshop before embarking on your adventure. Aside from the chance of catching that perfect Aurora shot, you will have ample opportunity to photograph the cultural hotspots you visit, including medieval Trondheim and the cornucopia of sights in vibrant Tromsø, as well as uninterrupted views of Norway’s incomparable coast as you journey to breathtaking natural formations, including the unforgettable Seven Sisters Mountain Range!

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Get the Most out of Your Adventure

On your Norway Photography expedition, you will have the chance to arrange a host of optional shore excursions to indulge in a sensational selection of Arctic pursuits. Put your camera down for a few hours as you experience the thrill of flying over the incredible landscapes on a powerful snowmobile, or try something more traditional with a husky safari through the wilderness. Whatever your preference, our range of optional extras on our Norway Photography tours allows you to enjoy some of the Arctic highlights on your break.

Unforgettable Destinations

Journey from Tromsø to Bergen and take in some of the most beautiful locations in Norway. Photography opportunities abound on every day of your adventure, from the intriguing cityscapes of Tromsø to the breathtaking beauty of the Lofoten archipelago. Frequent host the Aurora as well as unrivalled panoramas, Lofoten is a photographer’s dream and a highlight of photography tours to Norway. You will also discover the majestic Seven Sisters, perfect for an iconic landscape shot! Make sure to put the camera down and take in the sight of this magnificent mountain range with your own eyes on your excursion. The history of Trondheim is clear to see in its architecture and Old Town, your visit here offers the ideal opportunity for some cultural photography and discovery as you explore the medieval town.

Capture the Aurora

The main draw to Norway Photography adventures is, of course, the chance to photograph the mesmerising Northern Lights, making use of the techniques taught to you by expert photographers. Throughout your journey you will be in prime locations for sightings, meaning that your opportunities to capture the perfect Aurora shot couldn’t be better than on this expedition.

Experience the Sights

The biggest temptation on a Norway Photography tour is to spend the journey looking through the lens, searching for the ideal picture. However, an adventure through Norway is one that should be enjoyed with your own eyes as well, so make sure you take in the beauty of the north for yourself before capturing your incredible photos!

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