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Norway : Photography Tours

The Seven Sisters, One of the Breathtaking Destinations on our Norway Photography Tours

More often than not, the thing that holidaymakers remember most about Norwegian cruises is the striking scenery. On Norway Photography Tours, travellers have the chance to capture the highlights of their tour using their own cameras. The Northern Lights, gaping fjords, high mountains, thundering waterfalls and magnificent nature culminate to create a spectacular landscape, which presents a photograph opportunity everywhere you look. On top of this you'll have ample opportunity to photograph the iconic architecture and attractions of some of Norway's most iconic cities. Ideallly suited to both amatuer enthusiasts and professional photographers, our Norway Photography Tours introduce you to an incomparable selection of subjects and teach you to take the perfect holiday shot.

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  • Norway: Orca Whale Watching holidays

    Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday is sure to thrill

    Five day, winter, Orca whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Go in search of the creatures of the deep on this gripping Arctic adventure. Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday whisks you...

    5 Days From £944

  • Norway: The Ultimate Whale Watching in Norway

    Go Whale Watching in Norway and get up close to the planet's largest mammals

    Five day, summer, whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Set in the far north of Europe, above the Arctic Circle, is the fishing village of Andenes - a unique location for Whale...

    Featured in Sunday Times Ultimate 100 Holidays

  • Norway: Autumn Northern Lights

    Discover the Northern Lights in Autumn and savour an abundance of natural beauty

    Early season, culture, wildlife and photography short break with great Northern Lights spotting opportunities. North of the Lofoten Islands and featuring a varied landscape of rugged, wild terrain and cultivated, populated areas, Vesteralen is a...

Picture Perfect Breaks

Norway Photography Tours teach you the essential skills for capturing the perfect shot, and expert photographers give you handy hints and tips that will make your pictures really stand out. Discover how best to frame each photo, and learn more about how you can adjust you camera’s settings to ensure that you get the best results every time.

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