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Norway : Whale Watching

Witness the magnificence of these mighty mammals when you go on a Norway Whale Watching break. Travel to picturesque fishing villages and sail out to sea in search of a variety of whales. Home to an array of wildlife, Norway is the ideal location for nature-lovers and photographers wishing to get closer than ever before to the country’s incredible creatures. Sitting above the Arctic Circle, the village of Andenes provides an excellent backdrop for those hoping for a sighting,and due to its northerly location it is also the perfect region for those who wish to go in search of the Northern Lights. Or book a summer break to for Norway Whale Watching and take advantage of longer days as the midnight sun warms the ocean waves.

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Know Your Whales

As any expert can attest, whales are notoriously difficult to spot, but Norway has an abundance of different species, each as spectacular as the next, making a sighting well worth the wait. The varieties you can hope to see when on Norway Whale Watching holidays include the Minke, Humpback, Sperm, Orca (or Killer), and Pilot Whale. As you set off on your quest, you will be accompanied by experienced guides who boast a wealth of knowledge about each type of whale and also know where they are most likely to surface.

Nature and the Northern Lights

Astounding both travellers and natives for hundreds of years, the Aurora Borealis has mesmerised and enchanted all that have witnessed its beauty. The appearance of the  Northern Lights have been explained in weird and wonderful ways, with some believing them to be the souls of loved ones and others believing  the spiralling colours to be messages from the gods. Despite knowing the Aurora to be a reaction between solar flares and the earth’s atmosphere, the phenomenon is not made any less sensational. Why not take advantage of our combined holidays in Norway with Whale Watching and the Northern Lights and spend your days at sea and the evenings searching for the Lights?

Have it Your Way

One of the many aspects of our tours that customers particularly enjoy is the opportunity to explore each location further. The Norway Whale Watching itineraries include free time, allowing travellers to enjoy the culture of the region and to participate in other activities should they wish to do so. Other pursuits available include husky sledding, horse riding and insights into the culture of the Sámi people.

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