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Norway : Whale Watching Holidays

Orca Whales on Norway Whale Watching Holidays

Experience the awesome beauty of Norway Whale Watching Holidays and learn how to tell the difference between Minke and Pilot Whales.

Norway Whale Watching Holidays are a great way to see Humpback Whales, Porpoises, Pilot Whales, Orca, Minke Whales and giant Sperm Whales. During your stay, you can also discover the country's other fantastic wildlife and natural attractions, not forgetting, of course, the magical fjords and, in summer, the amazing Midnight Sun.

For the adventurous traveller we also offer close up Norway Whale Watching Holidays where you actually snorkel alongside Orca Whales on a coastal whale safari.

Need a little guidance? Check out our Norwegian Holiday Ideas which will help you plan your perfect Norwegian getaway.

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  • Norway: North Norway Aurora Adventure

    Choose from our Wildlife and Culture Holidays and become one of the locals

    Thrilling, full board, five day, wildlife and cultural tour of Senja, in a small group, searching for the remarkable wildlife that resides here, be it spectacular whales or fascinating land-based, Arctic animals. Looking for a short wildlife...

    5 Days From £1198

  • Norway: Orca Whale Watching holidays

    Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday is sure to thrill

    Five day, winter, Orca whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Go in search of the creatures of the deep on this gripping Arctic adventure. Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday whisks you...

    5 Days From £944

  • Norway: The Ultimate Whale Watching in Norway

    Go Whale Watching in Norway and get up close to the planet's largest mammals

    Five day, summer, whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Set in the far north of Europe, above the Arctic Circle, is the fishing village of Andenes - a unique location for Whale...

    Featured in Sunday Times Ultimate 100 Holidays

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