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Off the Map

Journey to new, exciting locations on our Off the Map adventures

An Off the Map adventure takes you to truly extraordinary locations. These areas are well off the beaten track and give you the most authentic adventure experiences available.

Head into the wilderness of Spitsbergen, accessible only by husky sled or snowmobile, and explore this remote wintry region, or journey to the opposite end of the globe with an Antarctic adventure. You can even travel to more popular destinations and then go ‘off-piste’ yourself, discovering the wilderness independently with our Off the Map holidays.

Northern Exploration

Spitsbergen is the only settled island in the Svalbard archipelago and one of the world’s northernmost inhabited destinations. This untamed location is home to 2500 people and 3000 Polar Bears and a journey here is an adventure into a truly beautiful wilderness. Off the Map expeditions to Spitsbergen first take you to the town of Longyearbyen - the island’s capital. You will stay in either the Trapper’s Hotel for a luxurious Arctic base, or the Trapper’s Station for a completely authentic experience. From these basecamps you will venture out by husky sled or snowmobile to traverse the icy plains of the island en route to the Ship in the Ice and the Isfjord Radio. These iconic hotels are some of the most remote in the world and offer a unique accommodation experience for all travellers. Here you will have the incredible opportunity to take in breathtaking vistas that few people have ever seen.

Please note: a full and valid driver’s licence is required to drive a snowmobile

Antarctic Adventure

Discover the opposite end of the globe as you go Off the Map in Antarctica. Accessible only by boat, Antarctica is one of the least travelled destinations in the world and a journey here offers an authentic taste of life as an explorer. Should you feel up to the challenge, you can disembark and discover Antarctica's icy terrain on foot, observing the little seen landscapes of the region and of course, its iconic wildlife including the famed Emperor Penguins. An Off the Map journey to Antarctica really is the trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable adventure.

Wilderness Discovery

Take in the views during Off the Map adventures

Authentic exploration doesn’t always have to originate in remote locations. You can travel to a fairly accessible destination and head Off the Map into the wilderness. Journey to Finland, for example, and enjoy a snowmobile adventure through deserted landscapes to Russian Karelia. Uncover the hidden gems of the Finnish and Russian wilderness like never before on this unforgettable exploration of these fascinating countries. Spend your nights in cosy wilderness cabins and your days witnessing stunning sights. For those with a spirit of adventure, this is a truly unique holiday experience.

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