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Photography Holidays

Capture iconic wildlife shots on Photography Holidays

Discover our fabulous range of Photography Holidays and travel to some of the world's most beautiful destinations. With specific Photography Tours on offer in Iceland and a selection of photography excursions available in some of our other fabulous destinations, you're sure find exactly what you're looking for in our holiday selection.

Take a look at our full selection of Photography Holidays and find your dream holiday today.

Iceland Photography Holidays

If you wish to hone your ability as a photographer, what better place is there to do it than in the ‘Land of Fire and Ice?’ So varied are the landscapes of Iceland that photograph opportunities present themselves in almost every direction you look.

During Iceland Photography Holidays you will have the chance to capture amazing scenes of waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, dramatic coastal scenery and more. With help and advice from your expert guide, Haukur Snorrason, who has been professionally photographing Iceland for more than 20 years, you can really enhance your ability and add some utter gems to your repertoire. Pick up new hints and tips from Haukur that will help to broaden your capabilities as a photographer. Whether you’re a complete novice or have plenty of experience in taking great pictures, everyone has the opportunity to learn something new on these Photography Holidays.

Develop Your Skills on Iceland Photography Holidays

Capture Iceland's stunning landscape on camera with our Photography Holidays

Your knowledgeable guide for Iceland Photography Holidays, Haukur Snorrason, knows his country inside out and will take you to some of the most impressive panoramas in Iceland, presenting you with a mixture of subjects for your camera. Learn the secrets to photographing moving water when you visit impressive waterfalls like Gullfoss, and try your hand at wide-angle photography to capture the majesty of the mountains in Skaftafell National Park.

Get creative when you explore the cracks and crevasses of a glacier during a guided glacier walk, and you can even have a go at capturing dramatic cityscapes when we take a tour of Reykjavík. In particular, an apparent characteristic of our Iceland Photography Holidays is the ever changing light conditions.

Being an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland experiences very changeable weather. One minute it might be bright and sunny, the next it could be grey and overcast, and it often snows during the winter. The unpredictable weather brings both challenges and opportunities, and it can make the landscapes appear even more dramatic. Because of this, no two photos are hardly ever the same, and after our Iceland Photography Holidays, you will return home with some utterly unique shots of this fascinating country. You might even be lucky enough to capture the Northern Lights on camera!

Photography Excursions

If you prefer to divide your time between photography and other pastimes, take a look at our alternative Scandinavian destinations. Here you will find breaks featuring a selection of Photography Holidays. Discover how to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights and the wonders of the natural world. You'll be spoiled for choice!

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