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Photography Tuition Holidays

A stunning Aurora display, capture your own image of the Northern Lights with Photography Tuition Holidays

All of our breaks take you to locations with exceptional photography opportunities, but what makes our Photography Tuition Holidays different is the chance to refine your skills, and learn new ones, with the help of an experienced expert photographer. Your guide will have an in-depth knowledge of the areas you visit, allowing them to show you the best places to position yourself, the best times to visit and the best settings to have on your camera. Our Photography Tuition Holidays let you practice your skills on a range of subjects, from stunning natural scenery and breathtaking Northern Lights displays, to Polar Bears, Brown Bears and a variety of amazing wildlife for the ideal adventure!

If you could do with a little extra guidance before you decide on your photography break, take a look at our Photography Tuition Holiday Ideas and let us help you find your perfect tour, or just choose from our Photography Tuition Holidays.

Photography in Iceland

Visit the fascinating landscapes of Iceland on our Photography Tuition Holidays and learn to capture your own images of the stunning natural features, from the geological wonders of the Golden Circle to the unforgettable terrains of the south coast! Travel with expert photographer Sigurður Stefnisson and take advantage of his incredible local knowledge to take some truly terrific photos of this unique destination. At night, set out in search of mesmerising Northern Lights displays and, should you be lucky enough to see them, capture an amazing and personal memento of your Aurora experience. Sigurður will take you to the local hotspots for the seeing the Northern Lights, combining visibility with surroundings to give you an exceptional photo opportunity so that you have the best possible chances of coming home with your own perfect Aurora picture.

Canadian Adventures

For an entirely different winter photography experience, choose an adventure to the Canadian Tundra from our Photography Tuition Holidays. Travel out on the Tundra Buggy with a group of fellow photography enthusiasts and expert guides and learn to photograph the unique wildlife of this fascinating destination. Your potential subjects include magnificent Polar Bears, Ptarmigans, Gyrfalcons, Snow Owls, Snow Hares, Arctic Hares and Arctic Foxes, enough of a variety to keep you busy throughout your stay! The expert guides will offer feedback and advice, as well as being happy to answer any questions, giving you the freedom to experiment with your camera while keeping the benefit of their professional experience, ensuring that you get fantastic photos with a personal touch!

Explore the Finnish Forests

A red fox in Finland, get your own iconic wildlife image with Photography Tuition Holidays

If wildlife photography sounds like your thing but you’re not too sure about a winter break, our Photography Tuition Holidays include a summer break to Finland’s Wild Taiga Forest. This verdant location is the perfect natural environment for photographing amazing creatures in their habitats. Accompanied by professional photographer Sabrina Logaeis, you’ll venture into this amazing forest in search of Moose, Wild Forest Reindeer, Wolves, Wolverines, Lynx, Beavers, Flying Squirrels and, of course, the mighty Brown Bears of Finland! Spend a night in a purpose-built hide, giving you the chance to observe and photograph the intriguing nocturnal habits of the forest’s inhabitants. The Wild Taiga is home to some 1500 bears, meaning that you have excellent chances of a sighting and, with Sabrina’s expert assistance, excellent chances of capturing the perfect Brown Bear picture!

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