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Scandinavia : Bear Watching

If you’re a lover of nature, a keen photographer or someone who wants to give the kids a holiday they’ll remember forever, our trips to Scandinavia for Bear Watching are an absolute must! Opt for an adventure in the Wild Taiga of Finland and spend a night in a comfortable hide, waiting for these magnificent creatures to appear. If you prefer something a little more full-on, however, leave the greenery behind and travel to Spitsbergen in Northern Norway where Polar Bears outnumber humans – giving you a pretty good chance of seeing these magnificent creatures!

Wildlife Galore

One of the most appealing aspects of our holidays in Scandinavia, Bear Watching is the fact that the locations we use are also ideal for spotting a whole host of other fascinating creatures. In the Wild Taiga, you can hope to see elk, wolverine, wolves, lynx, owls and eagles. Spitsbergen, on the other hand, is home to creatures including the Arctic Fox, reindeer and seals.

When visiting these areas it is a good idea to take binoculars and a quality camera. The opportunities to capture amazing wildlife images are simply first class and what better souvenir of your trip than a fantastic shot, taken by you?


Close to the Russian border, the Wild Taiga is a beautiful area whose green forests and crystal clear lakes provide the perfect backdrop for your wildlife break. This is an area loved by outdoor enthusiasts and the perfect location for hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and fishing.

Spitsbergen, on the other hand, is the ultimate choice for a winter wilderness holiday. As the largest island in Norway and the only permanently populated island in Svalbard, Spitsbergen borders the Arctic Ocean and the Norwegian and Greenland seas.  It has many glaciers, mountains and fjords and offers a really authentic taste of life in the Arctic.

Whichever destination you choose and whatever wildlife you want to see, you’ll find our holidays particularly well planned and guided, ensuring that you get the best possible opportunity to see your favourite creatures.

Fly Drive

For a different kind of Scandinavia Bear Watching break, how about a fly drive? Taking you to some of the most scenically stunning places imaginable and introducing you to a wealth of fantastic wildlife watching locations, this amazing break offers a fabulous introduction to Finland’s Wild Taiga. And if you’re travelling with children, you might like to pop into the Ranua Wildlife Park and the Santa Village during your stay!

Catering for Families

Take your family to Scandinavia for a specialist Bear Watching holiday which is sure to capture their imagination. As well as the opportunity to see the creatures themselves, youngsters will learn all about the natural habitats and habits of these creatures, finding out about life in the forest as well as learning how to track wildlife.

Our specialist family itinerary reduces the amount of time spent in the hides so that younger visitors don't become restless. If you feel your children would be happy with the full overnight stay in the hide, however, take a look at our other options for more intense wildlife watching experiences.

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