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Scandinavian Wildlife

Although Denmark, Sweden and Norway constitute Scandinavia, people also often associate the region with Finland and Iceland too. Because of the extreme climate in these parts of the world, much of the Scandinavian Wildlife differs greatly from that which you would find in other European countries.

Learn more about the Scandinavian wildlife and discover holidays that bring you closer to some of the world’s most incredible animals.

The Wolf

This fearsome yet beautiful creature can be found in the boreal forests of Scandinavia and was the first animal ever to be tamed by humans. Wolves are cannibals and they can run up to speeds of 38 miles per hour, helping them catch their prey, which includes deer, moose and elk. Meet incredible Scandinavian Wildlife and venture into the territory of the wolf on the 'Howling with Wolves' tour.

The Moose

The largest species of deer, the moose is also found among Scandinavian Wildlife in the boreal forests. They are solitary creatures and are more likely to be spotted alone rather than in large herds. It has been known for moose to grow antlers that can span up to a massive six feet! The moose also has a fold of skin that hangs down over its chin, called a bell. They are excellent swimmers and can run up to 35 miles per hour. See these animals in their natural habitats on a wild moose safari when you book the New Year Aurora Borealis and Wildlife in the Lofoten Islands.

The Whale

The Arctic waters are full of rich nutrients that entice various species of whale here each year. Mainly found in Norway and Iceland, Scandinavia has become a popular destination for whale watching. Minke, humpback, blue, sperm, orca and pilot whales are just some of the 80 species that are in existence today and have been spotted in Scandinavia. Few people know that whales’ ancestors once lived on land before they became sea dwelling mammals. During migration, whales can travel up 5,000 miles to get from one place to another. Our Whale Watching and Scenic Iceland tour combines Scandinavian Wildlife with wonderful landscapes.

The Reindeer

Scandinavia’s antlered friends are native to both Arctic and subarctic regions, and both the males and females have antlers. Reindeer have a strong sense of smell so that they can sniff out lichen from beneath the snow, and in winter the fur around their face grows to protect their mouths from the cold snow. Of all the species of reindeer, the Finnish forest reindeer have the longest legs! Visit Finland’s Wild Taiga on a fly drive holiday and explore the Hossa Reindeer Park as well as discovering other Scandinavian Wildlife.

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