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Guided Tours of Scandinavia

Be enveloped in the delicate aromas of pine forests as you step into a world of uncompromising beauty when you book one of our Guided Tours of Scandinavia.

If you are searching for a unique summer holiday, Scandinavia is an incredible destination that caters for an assortment of tastes and offers a backdrop of rippling lakes, snow-capped mountains and verdant countryside.

Discover the secrets of the Vikings, sail the fjords and embrace local cultures on our Guided Tours of Scandinavia. Whether you enjoy meandering cobbled streets and visiting museums and galleries, or you prefer hiking in the mountains, viewing gigantic glaciers, we have the tour for you.

Year after year, families, friends, couples and lone travellers join us on our Guided Tours of Scandinavia, appreciative of the fact that we provide quality holidays in the most stunning locations.Experiencing the relaxing sound of cascading waterfalls and trickling streams, our guests enjoy insights into local history and culture that would surely be missed when travelling without a guide.

Savour the Beauty

The Göta Canal Cruise, for example, enables you to enjoy the beauty of Sweden’s waterways. Travel in comfort on this exquisite canal boat and stay in first-rate accommodation as you sail from town to town. Beginning in the capital, you will be taken on a guided tour of the old town and will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Drottningholm Castle. Cruising further you will reach Berg - a charming town which boasts medieval architecture and the idyllic Lake Roxen. The history of the waterways can be discovered at Gothenburg’s Trollhättan Canal Museum and like all Guided Tours of Scandinavia there is a wealth of local colour to enjoy at each stop on your trip.

The Northern Lights Over Scandinavia

Scandinavia can be the perfect place to spot the Northern Lights and if you are keen to witness the beauty of these phenomena, our Guided Tours of Scandinavia can help make your dream come true.

The Aurora Borealis, as the lights are otherwise known, are most visible in Arctic regions during the winter months and our Aurora Borealis Holiday to the Lofoten Islands combines exciting night-time hunts for the lights with exhilarating daytime activities. Norway has magnificent vistas of sprawling mountain terrains and quaint villages perched on its craggy coastline. Dive into Norway’s incredible history when you visit the Viking Museum in Lofoten and the War Museum in Svolvær. There are several opportunities on this trip to look for the colourful glow of the Northern Lights and expert guides will ensure you are in prime position to view them should they appear.

With our fabulous range of holidays, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Guided Tours of Scandinavia. So, take a closer look at the fantastic breaks on offer and contact our advisers for further information.

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