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Scandinvavia : Photography

The landscapes of Finland, Sweden and Norway offer an unrivalled selection of subjects for all photography enthusiasts. Scandinavia and Photography go hand in hand and whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, your time spent in this beautiful region will open your eyes like never before. If your passion is for wildlife photography, you will adore our wildlife holidays in Scandinavia where you can capture images of an exceptional range of wildlife, from mighty whales to breathtaking bears and an incredible selection of creatures in between! Scenic photographers will love our variety of tours to the epic peaks and cascading waterfalls of Norway, these unforgettable breaks transport you to some of the world’s finest landscapes and guarantee a sensational backdrop for your photography. Enjoy a break accompanied by guides that share your passion for photography and are available to offer handy hints and helpful tips whenever they are required.

Unrivalled Nature

Our whale watching adventures in Norway provide exquisite subjects and allow you to hone your skills whilst venturing out to sea in search of magnificent mammals. Not only are your guides wildlife enthusiasts, they are trained photographers with extensive experience capturing images of various animals in their habitats. This combination of passion and knowledge is what makes our guides the perfect escorts for Scandinavia Photography holidays.You will head out to sea on several days, allowing you many opportunities to witness the marine life as it swims among the waves. Guests can also make the most of their free days by exploring the region and photographing the magnificent scenery of Scandinavia and the unique attractions that give our destinations their unforgettable character.

Northern Lights Photography

Anyone who has seen the Aurora Borealis will attest to its unforgettable beauty, but taking an authentic photograph that relays this splendour can be a difficult task. The Mighty Fine Company has created breaks that ensure you have the most opportunities to witness the Lights, as well as being camera-ready when they do appear. With our guidance you will build upon your current skills, learn new techniques and be confident in your abilities so no time is wasted when the captivating displays of the Aurora Borealis appear in the skies above Scandinavia. Enjoy the exhilaration of a digital photography cruise as we take you to Norway’s most sensational locations in search of the Aurora. Discover invaluable tips on how best to capture impressive images of the Lights in Scandinavia on a Photography holiday.

A Range of Activities

Combine a Scandinavia Photography break with a myriad of exciting activities and take time between shoots to enjoy husky sledding excursions or snowmobile safaris. Be inspired with snowshoeing adventures through the snow-capped trees of the Scandinavian forests and absorb the coastal charm of Scandinavia’s fishing villages as you dine among the rustic splendour of a local eatery.

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If you simply cannot wait to capture your own iconic images, take a closer look at our incredible range of breaks in Scandinavia for the Photography holiday of a lifetime. If you need any help with booking or additional requirements, our team of friendly travel advisers can be contacted via the telephone number above and will be happy to guide you through the booking procedure.

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