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Enjoy a Scandimania tour in Helsinki

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest adventure, Scandimania, takes him to the far north as he explores the country and culture of the incredible Scandinavian countries. Sweden, Norway and Denmark consistently tie up the top five spots on the World Happiness Report and Hugh’s eager to find out what it is that’s making the Scandis so cheerful!

From ABBA encounters, flat pack houses and some forest exploration in Sweden to the citizenship school, harbour high diving and culinary practice at Noma; Hugh’s journey takes in the Scandinavian highlights! Starting at 8pm on 2nd February 2014, the new show from Channel 4 promises to be something very different.

Swedish Discovery

See the Erikson Globe yourself and get a taste of Scandimania

Scandimania shows its viewers the secrets of Sweden in its debut episode, including the cultural hub of Stockholm, an IKEA house assembly in Gothenburg and a journey into the country’s famous forests to name a few! But why not pick up on the Scandimania yourself and head on an incredible tour of Sweden with the Mighty Fine Company?

Whether you’re looking for cultural discovery, outdoor adventures or a stay in the unique Icehotel, we have something to suit. Enjoy a tour of Stockholm and try some of the city’s culinary highlights and visit its many historic attractions, from Gamla Stan (the old town) to the Royal Palace. Combine this city adventure with a night at the Icehotel and you’ll see exactly why Hugh got a touch of Scandimania!

For those of you that want a more varied taste of Sweden, a cruise through the country is perfect. Experience a range of destinations, from the medieval treasures of the Vreta Convent Church to the ‘Capital of the Gota Canal’: Motala. Take in the best of Sweden for yourself on a tour to rival Hugh’s Scandimania adventure!

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors then why not opt for a wolf tracking expedition into the famous forests of Sweden? Venture into the heart of Berglsagen Forest and keep your ears open for the unforgettable howls of these incredible creatures and discover a tracker’s skills as you follow the animals through the forest.

Pick Up the Scandimania Hype in Norway

The Oslo Opra House, see it yourself on a Scandimania tour

The varied landscape, historic attractions and unique culture of Norway makes it easy to see why the Scandimania tour had to include an adventure here. However, it’s decidedly less easy to decide which aspect of the country you want to see first when you embark on a Norwegian adventure!

One of Norway’s main draws is that is hosts natural attractions unrivalled around the world; wildlife, mountain, fjords and the Northern Lights are all on offer to its visitors. Observe the mighty whales in Andenes and take the chance to capture images of these iconic animals with a few pointers from your professional photographer guide Marten Bril! Visit Norway in the summer and test yourself against the mountainous Big Five challenge! Make your way to the top of some of Norway’s most impressive mountains and venture out onto some its most unusual rock formations on this outdoor adventure.

See why Scandimania is taking hold as you cruise the Norwegian fjords! Available in summer or winter, each voyage offers a world of discoveries from the incredible Northern Lights to the staggering Geirangerfjord.

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