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Things To Do in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Every year, between the months of May and August, a phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun saturates regions of the far north in eternal sunshine. You can experience this curious vision in countries that lie north of the Arctic Circle, including Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

As the scent of summer pervades the air and the sunny days linger into the evenings, there are many sights and experiences to be enjoyed in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

The Classic Voyage North

Take a scenic voyage along the coast of Norway and sail below the gaping fjords that have made this country so popular with the seasoned traveller. Enjoy the spellbinding panoramas from the ship’s deck, where you can unwind in the Land of the Midnight Sun, and embark on cultural sightseeing tours of remote destinations.

Bear Watching in the Wild Taiga of Finland

Watch Finland’s extraordinary wildlife awaken in the evening sun as you sit inside a special predator hide, which provides an excellent base for viewing creatures of the night. Mighty brown bears, reindeer, moose, flying squirrels and beavers are just some of the animals you might spot scavenging for food in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Harads Treehotel

From the leafy branches of Sweden’s forest, watch the shafts of sunlight brighten the rooms of Harads Treehotel. Whether you stay in the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest or the UFO, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the idyllic rural scenery from up high.

Whale Watching and Scenic Iceland

In the Land of the Midnight Sun you can witness these stately mammals rise to the surface of the ocean then disappear again with a powerful splash of their tails. Watch the azure waters glisten under the everlasting sunlight and see the magnificent sights of Gullfoss Waterfall and the Great Geysir.

Summer at the Icehotel

It may seem like an impossible concept, however, it is quite possible to visit Sweden’s Icehotel in the summer months, when the Midnight Sun dominates the horizon for 24 hours. Explore the surrounding countryside and take part in outdoor activities such as river rafting and hiking.

Whatever you choose to do in the Land of the Midnight Sun, make the most of this special occurrence and enjoy its magical effects.

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