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Scandinavia : Unique Hotels

The Icehotel - one of our featured Scandinavia Unique Hotels

One place everyone should visit at least once in their lives is Scandinavia with its Unique Hotels and spectacular landscapes. Norway, Sweden and Finland each have something special to offer and, once you witness just how incredible your accommodation can be, you will be eager to go!

Your time is precious so why settle for anything but the most incredible holiday bases? Our collection of Scandinavia Unique Hotels are a riot of creativity and imagination, located in some of the most beautiful places on earth and, whatever time of year you wish to travel, there will always be somewhere amazing for you to stay. Enjoy the unique setting of a snow hotel or experience a night in a traditional ice igloo when you book a holiday from our selection of Scandinavia Unique Hotels.

Scandinavia Unique Hotels for All

Unusual does not even begin to describe how spectacular the variety of accommodation here truly is. Guests can reside in cosy suites, nestled among the branches of a Scandinavian forest. Each treehouse at Harads has a unique theme, so you can opt to sleep in a UFO or snuggle down in a giant Bird’s Nest – families simply love it here!

Those travelling in winter can experience the delights of the Igloo Village in Finland which not only offers nights in an authentic snow igloo, but allows guests to rest beneath the stars in their very own glass igloo. Fall asleep to panoramic views of the skies and awake in the warmth of your heated accommodation in Scandinavia’s scenic Kakslauttanen.

That Sinking Feeling

The Oops Hotel - featured in our Scandinavia Unique Hotels

Your first glimpse of the Oops Hotel in Sweden may leave you a little confused; after all, half of it seems to have slipped into the lake. Fear not!  This is just one of the quirks of this whimsical hotel and it has been intentionally designed to appear as if it is sliding into the still waters. 

The submerged part of the hotel is, in fact, the foundations. The stylish storey that lies above the surface is your actual living space. Eco-friendly and superbly located, this is yet another example of the wonder of Scandinavia and its Unique Hotels.

An Icy Reception – in a Good Way!

Some of the many factors that ensure our snow hotels are completely unique, are their annual rebuilds. Each winter, the hotels are built afresh with new, imaginative designs. Several tonnes of snow and ice and hours of work from architects, designers and artists result in pristine palaces where travellers can enjoy nights spent in intricately designed ice rooms. Many of the snow hotels feature bars and restaurants sculpted from ice and, should you wish to marry in Scandinavia, you can even do so in an ice chapel.

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