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Scandinavia : Wildlife Holidays

See the creatures of the far north on our Scandinavia Wildlife Holidays

Join us as we travel to the habitats of the Polar Bear, Brown Bear and the majestic Killer Whale when you book one of our incredible Scandinavia Wildlife Holidays. Each of these fantastic breaks are filled with opportunities to see Scandinavia’s most intriguing creatures. Available throughout the year, our breaks introduce you to a variety of wildlife, whenever you wish to travel. Go on a bear safari in Finland, whale watching in Norway, or on a Polar Bear expedition in Spitsbergen and get closer than you thought possible to the beautiful animals of the region. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, you will also get the chance to enjoy an assortment of other activities during your fun-filled wildlife watching break in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia: Wildlife Holidays for the Whole Family

Spend some quality time together on a getaway the entire family will enjoy when you book a bear watching break in Finland. Our holidays are the perfect way to let children see animals in their own environments, and are packed with fun activities that can be enjoyed by all. This is a real-life adventure, with night-time jaunts to the woods to stay in bear watching hides and breathtaking moments waiting for the bears to appear. Families with older children, feast your eyes on our wolf tracking holidays. Filled with many opportunities to spot an assortment of wildlife, including beavers and moose, the highlight of this trip has got to be the moment you go camping in the wilderness to listen for the howls of Sweden’s wolves. You can even add a bear watching excursion onto the end of your trip to make even more of this action-packed wildlife adventure!

Recognised Whale Watching Tour Providers

See the creatures of the deep on our Scandinavia Wildlife Holidays

Having been included in the Sunday Times’ Ultimate 100 Holidays 2014, our whale watching breaks in Scandinavia are certainly worth a look!

Sail out to sea in RIBs and feel the excitement grow as you near the waters where Sperm Whales, Orcas and Humpback Whales hunt for food. Camera at the ready? Get snapping as the whales appear, because these are moments you will never want to forget.

Wildlife Cruises

Travel to the Arctic peaks of Scandinavia for a wonderful wildlife experience. Visit nature reserves, glaciers and the renowned Svalbard Archipelago, where Polar Bears roam freely in their thousands through the vast, picturesque landscapes. During many of our Scandinavia Wildlife Holidays, there is also the chance to learn more about the regions you visit in the museums and historical sites of each destination. Trips to the 16th century whaling station at Magdalenefjorden and the town of Barentsburg are guaranteed to be eye-opening experiences.

Wilderness Tours with the Northern Lights

Scandinavia is the perfect place to go looking for the Aurora Borealis, so why not choose a break that combines your love of wildlife with your passion for star-lit nights? When you are not venturing out to sea in search of whales, or dog-sledding across snow-topped terrains, pick up your camera and get ready for an unforgettable Northern Lights safari.

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