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Holiday Availability

When searching for the best possible Holiday Availability options, there are many things you will want to take into account including the time of year you wish to travel and what type of break will suit you best. We provide an incredible range of trips all year round with adventure breaks and romantic getaways taking guests to the most incredible destinations. Whether you are looking for Holiday Availability on the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean, or an action-packed getaway amongst the snow-capped peaks of the Arctic, we have the perfect holiday for you.

Winter Holiday Availability

Embrace the festive season with a yuletide break in Europe, strolling through the cobbled streets of countess Christmas markets, browsing the candlelit stalls and feasting on tasty treats. The Mighty Fine Company has chosen the most spectacular Christmas markets to visit in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, France and Germany, each with its own traditions and surprises. Take a river cruise and enjoy stunning scenery as you drift from one coastal town to the next.

For a more active getaway, book a winter activity break and take advantage of the snow-topped terrains of the Arctic. Ride with huskies and venture out into the wilderness on a snowmobile. From short breaks to extensive holidays, we offer winter adventures to suit everyone.

Journey in Search of the Aurora

The latter parts of the year are the ideal time to go in search of the Aurora Borealis as this is when it is most visible in the skies above the Arctic. We have designed a range of holidays that give you optimum opportunity to spy the elusive beauty of the Northern Lights. Choose from astronomy cruises, activity breaks and romantic interludes in breathtaking locations. Search for the Lights from the comfort of your accommodation as you lie on your bed in a heated glass igloo, or look for the Aurora as you venture out into the wintry landscapes on a reindeer sleigh.

Holiday Availability in Spring

Witness the beauty of the changing vistas during activity holidays in Norway and Sweden. Shake off the cobwebs of winter with a hiking break and immerse yourself in the wonder of Norway’s Big Five: Langfoss Waterfall, The Troll’s Tongue, Folgefonna Glacier, Pulpit Rock and Kjerag Rock. Feel the exhilaration of scaling to vertiginous heights when you climb cliffs and mountains, and explore undulating terrains during an exciting activity break.

Summer Holiday Availability

Sail away on a relaxing cruise in the Mediterranean or discover the beauty of the Caribbean on board a magnificent clipper ship. Experience luxury and relaxation as you explore idyllic coastal regions and exotic locations brimming with history and culture.

If you are looking for verdant landscapes and summer adventures, discover the vistas and wildlife of Norway, Sweden or Finland and embark on an exciting river cruise. Wander the habitats of bears, wolves and other intriguing wildlife and forage for berries in the woods. Enjoy numerous activities including fishing, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking as you explore the terrains of Europe and beyond.

Autumn Holiday Availability

Witness the ever-changing landscapes of Scandinavia as the burnished colours of autumn appear across the mesmerising backdrops. Spend your days tracking wolves or wandering through towering forests that are carpeted with the fallen leaves of the shifting seasons. Capture the essence of Sweden during a canal cruise as you explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the capital.

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